A Lover Of Peace…

It kinda seems like many of my major heroes in life are connected. I am currently doing research for a series of posts about Leo Tolstoy and have learned that Gandhi looked to him for inspiration. Then Martin Luther King Jr. looked to Gandhi for his inspiration. I suspect that if I studied it, some of these guys likely were inspired by my earliest hero, Socrates.

Another group that I have drawn inspiration from related to War & Peace, are the American Friends Society, otherwise known as Quakers. Revisiting Quakerism is another project in my queue. I did a series of posts from them about ten years ago that I want to resurrect for my more recent viewers here at RJsCorner. Yeah, I know, my special projects queue is probably longer than the years I have left. That’s OK, I will do my best to live long enough to empty it.

It has hit me time and again over my lifetime that I am much attuned to the idea of “The light of God in each of us”. When we kill another, for any reason, we are killing a part of God. All the guys above shared that basic tenet in life. The last time I even struck another person, I was about ten years old. I swore I would never do that again. I have lived up to that pledge to this date.

I think you will see this sentiment in many of my post going forward. It seems to be one of the things that drive my lust for life. Those of us who love peace should do everything to outshine those who love war. There has not been a war in my lifetime that has been worth a single person, let alone the millions who have died in them.

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