Loneliness is draining; solitude is invigorating

Over the years, I have come to relish my solitude. I simply enjoy my own company. Being around others, especially many others, is draining. I know this isn’t a normal thing for most humanity, after all, we are social creatures, or so the saying goes. I found the saying below so many years ago and I long since forgotten its source.

Loneliness is being alone and not wanting to be

My Aspie traits have always made being in the middle of a group of people an anxious thing. I just never can figure out how to interact within a group of any size over two. Over the years, I have managed to learn some lessons (Aspies say “Masks”)to make these types of interaction more tolerable, but they seldom approached anything pleasant.

My brain runs through so many things in a given day, it is hard to keep up with it. That alone, keeps me occupied. But, does that mean I don’t enjoy the company of others? Certainly not.

4 thoughts on “Loneliness is draining; solitude is invigorating

    1. Thanks for the thoughts, m2muse. When I was in my late 30s, I firmly imagined that I would live my life alone, and that was ok. But then my future wife of 35 years asked me out on a date, and that dramatically changed my life. It would be years later before I discovered that I am an Aspie, and it took a special person to put up with me all those years. I often wonder what my life would have been if she had not come along? I am getting a taste of that now, as I have been on my own for almost two years now. I do still miss her greatly, but I am managing to enjoy my solitude once again.


  1. I call my husband a mountain man. He can keep all kinds of things going, read, putter and be alone all day without a care. He has a small handful of friends. Otherwise, he is happiest alone. Certainly never lonely.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Janette. Ironically, I have always imagined that I was a mountain man in a previous life. Someone who would spend months at a time alone in the mountains. I don’t presently believe in reincarnation, but…


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