Mind Your Own Business

I have been kinda collecting these type saying lately, so expect numerous post with them in the coming month. Of course, I will also add a few words of my own about how successful, or not, I have been in applying them to my life. 🥸

Finding personal happiness seems to be on the top of my mind lately. I am, as my friend, Bob Lowry suggested, trying to concentrate primarily on me, and not so much others now. Since I have spent most of my life thinking about others, and how I might help them in their life struggles, this does not particularly come naturally to me.

Mind My Own Business

just seems to be where I need to be now.

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

  1. I agree with Bob. Figure out what works for you. I love that you are going to be writing about the Quaker way again.


    1. I posted a 12 part series on Quaker in 2010 and will use those posts as a foundation for these new ones. It will be interesting to see how much my feelings about Quakerism has evolved since that time.


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