Over the years, I have tried dozens of Photo apps. I have finally found one that really pleases me. Is it perfect? No, but it is getting there. One of the things that appeal to me is the user interface. It is just easy to use. Another thing is the variety of effects that are available.

The app is called BeFunky. It is primarily meant for a business environment, so it is kinda expensive ($72/year). I am just starting to use the app, but from first use, it looks like it will replace several of the apps that presently take up room on my Mac desktop.

I will be spending some time in the next few weeks getting behind the steering wheel of BeFunky, But for now, I used it on one of my favorite pictures with good success. The picture is from my Alaska cruise. Smiles Cafe is located in British Columbia, Canada. I wish I went there for lunch, but…

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