Crayon Marks Scribbled Across My Brain..

crayon-banner   Since Saturdays have a pretty low viewership I thought I would start a new top level category of posts primarily for this day of the week. That way a few less of you will come to realize what a loony I am. 🙂  I am cataloging these posts  as Crayon Marks  as most of these thoughts seem to be like crayon marks scribbled across my brain.  They come and quickly go if I don’t write them down. I already have a bunch of ideas written down.

I don’t quite know their origins, maybe they are Freudian in nature or maybe something I learned from Maslow or Berne. I certainly studied them a lot in my earlier years. Who knows but here is my off-the-wall Saturday post to start us out for this new year.
Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways, no, actually most times it works in mysterious ways. 🙂

This  will be an interesting journey for me here at RJsCorner.  It is a path I haven’t done here very much with up until now. It’s time has come…

I was just reading an article about how the Republicans in the North Carolina State Congress tried to strip away almost all power of the governor before a dreaded Democrat takes the helm. Remembering the transgender bathroom issues in that State I thought “here they go again”. They seem to do whatever they can to stifle the opposition and anyone who is not a staunch conservative is the opposition and considered an enemy combatant.  But I’m getting off topic here….

The transgender issue then got me to thinking about my idea that we should change all public restrooms to uni-sex and that would eliminate that particular fear, whatever it is, amongst my Southern friends.

That then got me thinking about my wife’s comments about how so many women’s public restrooms totally filthy. It seems that many women just won’t sit down on the toilet seat. Instead they simply crouch over the toilet to pee and as a result it goes all over the floor, the seat and all the walls.

2016-12-31_10-06-52.pngThat then got me to thinking that women’s plumbing just isn’t the same as men’s who use urinals for number 1 business.

That then got me to thinking that maybe female urinals would be a good thing. If we have uni-sex bathrooms I don’t want to have to face the messy toilets that women cause. Maybe we could make some slight modifications to urinals to make them a little deeper at the bottom so that women can stand over them to do their business. The ones to the left here might work out pretty good?

It seems like a simple fix to me but I haven’t brought my idea to the attention any of the female gender yet so I don’t know how they might feel about using urinals?

I guess I didn’t tell you about how I see connection wherever I look. But thinking at a higher level this is kind of like my idea of reconfiguring the States in the country to get rid of unequal representation, its time has probably not come yet… but I still think its a good idea.

All Puffed Up…

It was down to zero degrees last night here in Indiana. I sometimes wonder how all my feathered friends cope with these conditions. The picture below is one that shows one way they cope.  They get all puffed up to maintain body heat.

Here is to you my friend.  I promise to keep the feeder well stocked during these cold winter months so come back often...


Being A Minority..

2016-11-28_09-44-02.pngI struggled to come up with a bio post for this week as I have spent most of my attention lately on trying to figure out how we got here and where we are going. But then that thought merged with my personal story to bring about this post of being a minority.  I do believe that one of the most significant reasons why Mr. Trump was elected was the Democrats fixation on minorities and the Republicans fear of them. These two conditions  drove many to vote for Mr. Trump.  But aren’t we all minorities in some regard or another? When I look at my life I find that I am a minority in many different areas:

I am a Progressive  living in Indiana — That and my college education makes me a minority in my home State.

I am just not a macho guy — I hate the very idea of macho. To me it is about putting down others and strutting around saying how great I am.  Having an extreme narcissist as a mother, I went in the opposite direction.  I seem to be a distinct minority in this regard.

I just don’t like sports — I have never been much of a sports guy either in participation or as a spectator.  I have not watched a sporting event in over two decades.   I am a definite minority in this respect.

I am Pro-life — That doesn’t sound like a minority until I add “in all regards”. That is I am against abortion, the death penalty, war, and guns. Yeah that makes me a minority.

I am deaf — I became deaf about thirty years ago and was pretty hearing impaired decades before that. I know that all of us who are deaf make up less than 1% of the population so that makes me a serious minority.

I am short — I am now 5′ 6″ in height and that definitely puts me well below the national average. I was once 4 inches taller, that is before osteoporosis and compression fractures in my back took over my life.

I am a free thinker — Questioning everything makes me a free thinker. It just seems that most today are too lazy to actually study a topic to determine whether they should be for or against it. They just latch on to  whatever their “gut feelings” might be on any particular topic or just jump on to what others tell them to think.  Being a free thinker makes me a minority.

I am an Aspie — I have had Asperger’s Syndrome all my life but just recently discovered it.  Even though the data for adults is pretty weak it seems that less then 1% of us have this condition.  It made growing up more difficult but I have learned to actually take advantage of this condition in some ways.

So here I am a minority in eight different areas of life. I know that the majority of those who recently voted for Mr. Trump have a serious fear of minorities but take it from a guy who is a one percent of the one percent minority,  you have nothing to fear from me… or almost anyone else for that matter. You just need to start looking at people with love instead of fear….

A Message from Elizabeth Warren

For this new year my intention in the political arena is to overwhelmingly focus on the issues and programs that are put in jeopardy and on the congress and to ignore for the most part what is happening on in the executive branch. The less I use the “T” word the happier I will be. The battle in 2017 is to try to preserve our democratic (little “d”) values, liberties and accomplishments. 

I recently got an email from Elizabeth Warren and as usual she is compassionate about keeping Donald Trump and the Republicans from dismantling what it means to be an American. Here are some words from that email:

We know what we are fighting for:

  • We will NOT let them gut the rules on Wall Street or weaken the CFPB.
  • We will NOT let them privatize Social Security and Medicare.
  • We will NOT let them completely dismantle the Affordable Care Act.
  • We will NOT let them weaken workers’ rights to good pay, decent benefits and the right to organize for better conditions.
  • We will NOT let them cut taxes for billionaires and giant corporations.
  • We will NOT let them cut investments in education, infrastructure, or medical research.
  • We will NOT let them poison our air and water and destroy our planet.
  • We will NOT let them rip apart families or build Trump’s stupid wall.
  • And we will NOT let them legalize hate and bigotry against African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants, women, or LGBT Americans.

We will fight them whenever and wherever we need to fight them. We will fight them with more energy, more passion and more determination than ever before because the fights to come are going to decide who we are as a people, and what kind of country we will be.


2016-12-30_10-10-54If only Elizabeth had managed to be the Democratic nominee in 2016 our country would be looking a at a very different future.

I posted a few days ago about the Republican proposal to privatize Medicare and it is a scary one.  Basically they want to give the healthcare providers the ability to charge whatever they want and to put the increased bill totally on the backs of us seniors. I don’t understand how they, primarily Mr. Ryan, thinks they can get away with that. But then again I can’t see why they think the same thing about this whole list of programs as cited above they plan on dismantling .



ISOA Banner  Omaha is perhaps my favorite city. It has a small town feel but is ripe with history and preservation.  The sculptures strewn throughout the downtown area are awesome. It is also the home of the Durham Museum and Father Flanagan’s Boys Home. We spent four days there on two separate occasions and still haven’t seen all there is to see.

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