Being Interrupted …

Neuro Banner   Here is another post pointing out some of my neurodiverse characteristics associated with Aspergers Syndrome.

If you interrupt me when I am in the middle of something I may smile at you and pretend everything is okay but on the inside I am beginning to boil. Hopefully you will let me return to my task and finish what I was doing.

2016-10-30_10-22-43.pngStopping in the middle of a task creates a panic in me that is hard to justify. I just need to finish what I am working on or come to a reasonable stopping point.

My working memory is tricky, and I need to do things in a particular way so that I can keep track of all the details. I leave visual cues to help me remember things and use patterns and chapter numbers as bookmarks and signals.

I need time to switch tasks. My brain sometimes gets stuck. I never show my frustration but if you keep probing me things might get tense.

Source: Autistic Confessions – I Really HATE Interuptions | Anonymously Autistic

This is another of those “aha” moments I recently had when I discovered I might be an Aspie.  When I work on just about anything it seems I am totally absorbed in the task at hand. It simply demands my full attention.  I don’t think I panic when someone interrupts me but it does bother me to an unusual degree.  After thirty plus years my wife has come to accept that and stays away when she sees me in this mode.

I am not as bad as I was in my bachelor years but I still usually stay on a task until it is completed, that is if it can be completed in one setting.  I can remember in my early professional years working on something continuously from a Friday evening until Sunday morning with no sleep and just hand snacks to eat and hardly realize that any time had passed.  As a side note that was the time that I discovered that I was meant to be a programmer and not an electrical engineer as I was trained.

Even today I obsessively do certain things in a particular order. The 2 1/2 acre yard is mowed the same way almost every time. It just seems to work better that way. When I wash the daily dishes they must be done in a particular order. The silverware goes in first to soak until just before the pots which are last thing to be done.  It just works out better that way.  I don’t think this is OCD (but I guess it could be) as some other things I like to do in a different way simply because I am bored always doing it the same every time.

These quirks if you want to call them that are just a small part of who I am. I don’t lament them but I do recognize that they are there.  Please don’t interrupt me when I am in the middle of something…..

Part 2 – How Did We Get Here — How Liberals Totally Blew It…

I’m sure the big shots in the Democratic party are all giving their opinions on how they utterly lost a sure thing in the latest go around. I’m also sure that most of them don’t really have a clue on what to do now. So, I want to give them my two cents worth.😉

I claim to be a progressive who leans Democrat at least when it comes to many  social issues.  When it comes to fiscal issues I am clearly more conservative in nature.  I can browse the federal budgets and pretty much tell you where they are wasting money, that “where” is almost everywhere.

I want to start off with the quote below from my friends at the “Week”.  Like my hero Will Rogers  everything I know pretty much comes from my web feeds. Well he didn’t say web feeds, I just brought his quote into the 21st century..

we should have seen that coming. Liberals focused on backlash to civil rights, and not at all on the Democratic Party’s decades-long retreat from the politics of organized labor and working people, and its concurrent embrace of metropolitan social liberalism and neoliberal financial capitalism. Seven million American men have dropped out of the workforce, and the liberal candidate was offering a few wonky tweaks to health care and paid maternity leave.

Source: How liberals totally blew it on Donald Trump

In hindsight this lost focus on previous Democratic core values seems to be the beginning of where everything went wrong. The old Democratic party, at least of my early voting years, was about the blue collar workers and their plight to enter the middle class. Somewhere along the line that got almost totally replaced by a primary focus on minorities. Now don’t get me wrong, we all should have empathy especially for others less fortunate than ourselves, but to get to the heart of the problem at  least as I see them we have to deal with the underlying root causes, not the effects. And those underlying causes are not exclusively race based. Fix the underlying problems and everyone benefits.

I have to admit that under my progressive coat this emphasis on race instead of opportunities has bothered me.  I am a white male and therefore not part of a separate racial identity but still I faced many of the same challenges that many minorities face today.  I pretty much grew up in poverty and struggled to pay my own way through college. Nothing was handed to me on s silver platter. I worked forty hour weeks along with carrying a full course load. There evidently are a lot of voters out there that think the Democratic party is ignoring them, that needs to change.

Of course the Democratic party can chose to be the a party of minorities if that is what  they want.  But as an alternative they should be emphasizing equal opportunities for all and not assume it is solely a race based thing.

It is not totally about race but about opportunities, to me it is a simple as that…




5star-banner  For this 5Star Wednesday I have chosen diners.  They are not  very prevalent here in Indiana but when we lived in New Jersey they seemed to be on almost every corner.  Now I will admit that the food at diners is maybe not 5Star quality but there is just something about the general atmosphere that thoroughly entices me.  No matter which diner I went it seemed almost like visiting my family. Inevitably the waitress who came to take our order always said “What can I get for you hon?”😉

Diners just hold a special place in my heart.

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Part 1 – How Did We Get Here — Hillary Was Just Not The Answer…

slice26This post will start a series called “How Did We Get Here”. Looking back reflectively is something I will likely be doing for some time yet. Mr Trump is getting into the Oval Office due to our failure to comprehend just how drastic some people were to see something, anything different.  The discussion on this topic will likely include politics, human behavior, as well as other life issues.  I will also try to occasionally look back at history for some parallel events.  We need to learn from our mistakes in order to plot a course forward. Let’s get started….

How did we almost completely miss the Trump protest vote? I suspect the answer to that question will take a while to comprehend. But I want to start it off here with thoughts about Hillary.

2016-11-13_09-15-43.pngI was never enthused about a Hillary Clinton presidency.  It seemed more like us becoming a monarchy to me. We just couldn’t keep doing a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. It was time for new leadership. The Democratic establishment determined early on that Hillary would be the nominee and they set about doing whatever it took to make that happen.  I don’t imagine there was much thought given to other possibilities.  But, then there was Bernie. He was the was one person who dared to say they might be wrong. He put up a noble fight but they weren’t ready to counter Trump’s populism stands with some of their own. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they had.

Hillary, like her husband Bill was never really a Democrat’s Democrat. They both seem to sway with whatever direction the wind blows. I don’t doubt that Hillary was the driving force behind her husband’s political aspirations and when he reach the pinnacle she decided it was her time. Yes, she is a wonk like me but she is just too “establishment” for these unsettled times. We need change, real change, to shake up the gridlock inside the Washington beltway and she just wasn’t that.

For these reasons I was never that enthused about her candidacy. But when Trump managed to bully his way through 16 presidential GOP candidates I chose the lesser of two evils and voted for her. It looks like many others last Tuesday were not as patient to wait for a viable change candidate so they thought it is Trump or the status quo and chose Trump.

Given how polluted our current political environment is I find it hard to see anyone with any integrity being willing to put themselves up for a national office. Will there ever be  a true leader rise up to the challenge of battling the partisan hatred that embeds both political parties?  Hindsight now tells us that Hillary was simply the wrong candidate for these times. I saw that but the alternative was just to scary for me but obviously not for many others like me. God help us in the coming months and years…