My Misty Morning Friends

Misty Morning Deer.jpg

This picture is not a terribly unusual site here at the homestead. We often see young deer come out of the woods behind our house to munch on the front yard. But what was unusual was the very warm February we had when the picture was taken. Now with the Ides of March just past we seem to be returning to something more normal. Didn’t have to use the lawn tractor snow plow at all this year.

A Drone Level View

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The new RJsCorner will include politics as it has in the past but instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day insanity I will be taking a higher level view. A good older analogy for this is looking at the forest instead of individual trees. But a more modern example is taking a drone level view.

A major problem with our political, especially federal processes, is that most of our elected officials seem to think that what they do is of primary importance in everyone’s daily lives when in reality it is mainly about the contractors, lobbyists, and the corporate media as opposed to the priorities of the general population. The term “Inside the Beltway” is an apt title for this phenomenon. Yes, we normal folks are affected now and then by what they do but we are most part primarily focused on our daily lives.

We should all celebrate the fact that government processes move at a snail’s pace so little radical change is possible in the short term, even a presidential term. An example of this is the current drive to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a Republican version. Given the diversity of opinion on this topic, it is not likely that any extreme view will be adopted. Instead, they will continue to be kicked down the road until it becomes much more urgent and on more people’s radar screens.

It is my intention to continue to cover the political process but only via a weekly post within the subcategory “Inside the Beltway Loony Bin”.  I will try not to get bogged down on who said what to whom as I have in the past. Instead, I will be taking, even more so than in the past, a Will Rogers view of the topic at hand. That is, finding the humor and irony instead of getting upset about what is happening. One of Will’s most famous quotes is “All politics is applesauce”. He never went on to explain that exactly but most likely it means that they start with a fresh product but then pulverize it to something completely unrecognizable. In my day we said that baloney. I don’t know what the kids call it today, but it is important to recognize it when it happens.

So, my goal in this category is not to get upset about the insanity inside the beltway; to take a higher level view. If you have a different idea about all of this I would love to hear it.


Simplicity At RJsCorner

Even before my recent brain injury and resulting surgery, I was contemplating some serious changes here at RJsCorner.  Quite simply I was getting bogged down in the “inside the beltway” insanity that ruled my world. I now realize that was an obsessive reaction to recent national events that were beginning to overwhelm me.

A foundational part of my being is that I am an Aspie.  I demand logic and reason in my life and I saw myself losing both. Something had to change and I have been working on that for the last couple of weeks. Yes, even while my brain was bleeding inside my head. I have had a lot of time to think about all this during my recuperation period and will have lots more time for at least another month.

Simplify-2.jpgThe restructure I have come up with so far seems to be a logical way out of this dilemma. The categories and subcategories of posts that have evolved over the nine-year life of this blog were getting way too complicated. So, I decided to take on the mantra of “Simplify”.

My study is quite literally overloaded with the idea of Simplicity. I have eight different plaques with the word “simplify” on them strewn across its shelves and walls. Looking back I now realize I have not really taken them seriously. Maybe, as Jane who is one of my frequent commenters here joked,  Dr. P. “fixed some of the loose screws in my head” when he was taking care of the brain bleeds. 🙂 Whatever the reason I realize that simplifying things now is a serious necessity.

Here is the new structure for all my future posts:

  • Simplify-3My View Of The World
    • My Life and Time
    • Inside the Beltway Loony Bin
    • Having My Say
    • God & Religion
    • In The News
    • Our Culture & Times
  • In Search Of America
    • Travels Across America
    • American Heroes
    • History Lessons
  • Crayon Marks (scribbled across my mind)
    • 5 Star Pics & Memories
    • Beautiful Things
    • Creative Things
    • Outside The Box

I know many, if not all of you are really not that interested in these things but they are vital to me so you will have to bear with me at least for a few explanation posts in the coming week. Without a roadmap, I am simply unable to function; this is my roadmap.

I will try to equally distribute my posts between the three categories so as not to become obsessed with any of them. But, being totally focused on something is another part of being as Aspie so I will have to remember that.  I will also be purging some of the old posts that lost links when these changes were made. Again you are probably not that interested in this but it is important to me.  One thing I will absolutely try NOT to lose is my sense of humor about how I look at this crazy world.

Simplify.jpgSo, here is in with the new and out with the old.  I hope you all stick around to see the improvements. I promise you one thing, it will never get boring here on RJsCorner, but it will hopefully be a little less heavy. 🙂

I’m Tired Of Funding The Economic Recovery

 Banner Having Y Say   I spent most of my life as a saver, some would have called me a penny pincher. I drove cars to the end of their life while I saw my neighbors buy a new one every three years or so. As a result, I accumulated enough wealth along with a pension from thirty years in the corporate world to not have to worry about my retirement years. That is until things got totally out of kilter. By kilter I mean when interest rates on savings and CDs went to zero almost a decade ago. I now have all this cash and everyone seems to think that I should just hand it over to them with no quid pro quo. That just doesn’t seem right to me. That isn’t the way capitalism is supposed to work. 

2017-03-15_07-54-23.pngNow I admit that the 15% inflation interest rates in the 1970s were insane but things are even more so now.  I bought my first house in 1984 at the age of thirty-eight.  It came with a 10+% interest loan and required a 20% down payment. These days people are complaining because home buying rates might go above 3% and they might be required to have more than the usual 2% of the price up front!  How did we get here where all us senior are being gouged? It’s called the Federal Reserve.

For some reason, the “Feds” think that the 1% who owns more than half the wealth won’t let loose of their money unless we give them more in the form of a no-interest loan. If we seniors just hand our hard earned savings over to them then they might put in a little of their own along with it as long as they make a hefty profit.  The rich get richer is not an oxymoron, it is a fact of life as far as the Federal Reserve are concerned.  It’s their modus operandi.

One of the first things I did as a young saver was to buy a monthly savings bond. It started out as a $100 bond but quickly grew to a $500 one. I now have twenty years worth in my savings vault and it makes up about 10% of my non-stock portfolio. Right now it pays about 90% of the interest I get from all my non-stock investments and that is ridiculous!

There are some, but by no means a majority of the younger generations, who say that we baby-boomer robbed them of their rightful prosperity and left them with our debt. To that, I say “don’t be ridiculous”. I earned my money the hard way, it wasn’t given to me as so many seem to expect nowadays. So many want all the tax breaks and government services but don’t want to contribute anything towards the upkeep of government agencies.

Hopefully, interest rates will at least double this year. Then maybe I can start earning a little on all my hard-earned savings. I’m just tired of them trying to fund a 0% interest rate on the backs of us seniors… Throw us some scraps from the interest rate tables please.