Coping With The Idea Of A President Trump…

Last Wednesday morning about 3 am a very dark cloud ascended over me. I was totally devastated that a such a flawed person would soon be the President of the country. I, like so many others never actually considered that possibility.  I stayed up the rest of the night working a picture puzzle as I knew I was just too upset to even attempt sleep. (As a side story, I found it ironic that when I finished the puzzle a little over twenty four hours later I found that it had three missing pieces. That almost never happens…)

It would be Thursday morning before I began to think reasonably again. Can I possibly talk about politics here on RJsCorner in any objective way? Maybe I should just shut it down and walk away from this horror story? I don’t want to become another gloom and doom site on the Internet.

After some serious contemplation I have decided to try and maintain an open-minded attitude toward Mr. Trump at least until he shows me by his actions in addition to his campaign rhetoric that he is unworthy of it.  Like many of his followers, I do believe that it is time for some serious changes to be made in our federal government. Changes like term limits, pulling back some from our military alliances, and changing the environment in the presently caustic  nation’s capital.   As long as he can make those changes without stifling our inalienable rights in the process I will give him at least some level of support.  But I will fight tooth and nail his apparent lack of compassion for diversity, the right of everyone to have healthcare, and equal opportunities.

slice26So, I have decided to continue posting here at RJsCorner. I have already lined up a 10 post series entitled “How Did We Get Here” that will flesh out how I think we got to a Trump presidency. In this series and going forward from there I will try to always “go high” no matter how low the coming administration might  choose to go.  But having said all that I will likely put a greater emphasis on the InSearchOfAmerica posts, my 5Star Posts, and my occasional post about spiritual things as well as my personal stories of life.  I might have to very conscientiously reign in my “Question Everything” theme as I expect there will be a LOT of things that I will question in the coming months. I don’t want those issues to dominate here or in my life in general  :)

We must always remember that there are stops, starts, and even reversals in any successful democracy. We shouldn’t be surprised when the backpedaling happens but remember that is it only a temporary pause in an otherwise forward moving country. During this backpedaling period between 2016 and 2020 we need to keep the faith and speak out for progressive change wherever we can. That is what I will try to do here at RJsCorner in the coming years.  Lets not give up future hope because of some dark clouds on the current horizon. Blue skies will eventually return….

Being Of Value??

TL Banner   Sometimes I struggle with understanding why there are apparently so many people who complain so much about our economy. I see where personal income in the last year showed the biggest improvement in decades and the unemployment rate is at 4.9% which is the lowest in forty years.  So, why is there so much dissatisfaction around?

Being retired for 16+ years now I admit that I don’t know much about the current job market other than what I read. I know that full lifetime employment is pretty much a thing of the past for many and that the average person will change jobs seven times during their working life. I also know that except for very small businesses assembly line jobs have disappeared. Without those mind-numbing jobs people right out of high school have trouble finding any form of lucrative employment.

Being without some schooling beyond high school means a lifetime of minimum wage and often short term employment. One of the biggest obstacles to getting that education, especially among the lower middle class and below, is the every increasing costs of continuing education. I am hopeful, thanks to Bernie Sanders that when Hillary is president she will try do what is necessary to make educational opportunities affordable to all. That is if the GOP don’t fight it tooth and nail as they have in the past. I know… I am a dreamer..

Then there is another segment of our society for whatever reason have not kept up with the times by upgrading their employment skills. They see the world moving beyond them. Some in this mode go into the permanent  complain mode. I think these are the real base for the Trump campaign. How many of them there are we will soon know.

Now I want to change gears a little in order to try to understand why so many are so angry at our current systems. In order to do that I want to draw a link between these folks and my personal experiences with being retired and the process that led up to where I am at today. Before I retired I was often recognized at a valuable member of a large engineering organization. I provided software tools, they are called apps nowadays, to hundreds of design engineers and was sought out for my knowledge and advice. Then I abruptly retired when a Hong Kong business bought out our division and quickly began to dissemble it.

2016-10-24_08-43-45.pngI went from “the valuable member” to the opposite in a flash. The only person who I had any amount of contact with in those early retirement years that was my wife and she didn’t recognize my skills as being particularly valuable to her. I immediately lost value. I went into a state of depression.  I was in the “poor me” mode to some degree for more than three years. I just didn’t see that I was doing more than sucking air. Is this where so many Trump supporter reside?  I can only guess.

It took a while but I finally found a place outside the home that seemed to value my life and that was volunteering in a local soup kitchen/shelter.  I spent the next eleven years there. I was valuable once again.

2016-10-24_08-47-31.pngI can see the parallels between this and the people currently complaining about their life situations. They just want to feel they have value. They want someone to pay attention to them.  They feel unappreciated. Many in this mode, need to get off their “Poor me” attitudes and do something about it. If you want to feel valuable you must “do” something valuable and that takes work. There are no simple solutions to it… or most other things in life…

That is the way I see it….

The Calm In The Eye Of The Storm…

ISOA Banner  Anyone who has experienced a hurricane knows that in the middle of the storm there is a point of almost complete calm when the eye of the hurricane passes over. Being that our national elections are tomorrow I thought it appropriate to try and write a calming post here today.  To do that I went all the way back to my 1976 mountain hiking in Colorado and my honeymoon in Maui Hawaii in 1986.

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The first two are of the time I and a buddy hiked up to a mountain top lake at  14,000 feet in Colorado and spent the night in a tent. It was probably the most peaceful in my life. The night time air was super crisp, the water was near freezing, and the night time sky was beyond imagination.

The rest of the pictures are from Maui Hawaii.  If these don’t calm you down a little then maybe you need a tall glass of Jack Danial’s… maybe both..

Hang on, it will soon be over….