Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

Let’s face it, mainstream thinking makes very little accommodations for creative thinking or risk taking. I worked for a number of years for a very conservative mainstream company nicknamed “Ma Bell”. Back then she controlled everything when it came to communications type stuff. When I started working there as a young engineer I had many ideas about how to make things better for both us … Continue reading Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

I Don't Dream Much About My Future Anymore…

As I have said several times here at RJsCorner, I have always been a dreamer, even in my very early years. But for the most part my dreams have dramatically changed now. That is what this post is all about.

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Seeing The Possibilities


I am definitely a SciFi guy. I love watching almost anything in that genre. The Mad Max movies and that type of doomsday stuff is neat but I really get off on the things that show humanity on a positive note. I guess that maybe started with “Robbie the Robot” in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet. By the time the Jetsons cartoon series rolled around I was totally hooked. I just love thinking about future possibilities.

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