I Don't Dream Much About My Future Anymore…

As I have said several times here at RJsCorner, I have always been a dreamer, even in my very early years. But for the most part my dreams have dramatically changed now. That is what this post is all about.

My years on this earth are coming to a close. When that happens is up to my creator but I can see the darkness at the end at the end of my tunnel. 😳 Yes, I will continue to dream of my future and how I want to live it but now my dreams have basically changed.

I Don’t Dream Of My Future, Instead I Dream Of Your Future

Of course, I am referring to those of you who are still finding your place in the world. I have come to realize that I was born at least twenty or maybe thirty years too early. I wish I could be around longer as once we have defeated this pandemic these coming decades will be very unlike anything in history. We are on the very cusp of exponential change. What we learn in the next thirty years will be more than we have learned in the last three hundred.

The way we work, the way we play, the way we see ourselves will fundamentally change in the next three decades.

I can still remember going to the 1964 World’s Fair and seeing the prediction that before the year 2000 most of us would be working at most twenty hours per week. For a number of reasons that didn’t happen. It’s not that the prediction was wrong, it was just dated to soon.

When we finally understand that our purpose in life is most often not the job we perform to be able to survive, but instead what we do with the time outside that job will be the most important. An example of that might come from one particular drive that defines many of us but can rarely support us. As I mentioned in a recent post, those of us who have a passion for writing most often make less than $6,000 per year from that endeavor and more than a third of us earn $0 from our writing.

Wouldn’t it be something if more of the true artists with words could spend more of their time writing? It would be a great gift to all of us. Of course, the same goes for artists, playwrights, and many other creative talents that just don’t provide a financial incentive. Now that we are on the verge of eliminating those numbing and boring tasks necessary for a large society via robotics and therefore have more time, we just might be able to make this happen.