About Dreaming…

TL Banner  I know the image of an old person is generally not linked to a dreamer but that is just what I am. Many think old people are just supposed to “sit back and watch”, their dream days are behind them. To that I say poppycock…. 🙂

Dreaming is a lifelong process that never ends. My earliest dreams were to try to touch the sky. For some reason I have always been attracted to looking up. Even as a very young boy in the early 1950s  I could be found lying in the grass on a summer night looking up at the stars and dreaming about them and what the future might hold for me. Read more

My Visual World…

Being deaf my world is primarily visual. So one of my most endearing hobbies is photography. I got my first 35mm camera right out of college. It, besides my 1970 Mustang,  was my first extravagant purchase.  I  have upgraded cameras many times since then and now have a fully digital GPS enabled one sitting beside me on all of my micro-RV trips and even around the homestead.

Most of the posts here at RJsCorner are primarily words  but I do intertwine them with occasional pictures such as in my search of America.  I think it is about time to put more focused solitary pictures here that tune in to pure beauty.  And that is what I intend to do here and hopefully weekly in the future. It will be categorized as 5Star Pictures as that is how they are labeled in my Adobe Lightroom 6 libraries. Oftentimes beauty is beautiful in its own sake but sometimes it is equally about the story surrounding it.

I want to start out this series by going back to 1944. No, I didn’t take the picture as it would be another two years before I was even born. But it is one of those pictures that I truly love for its innocence and for the person photographed.

A Pretty Little 5 year old.jpg

This beautiful little girl would become my wife in a mere forty-two years from the time it was taken. To me there is something enchanting about that face. Beauty personified, but maybe I am prejudiced .


A Steinbeck Image…

Steinbeck Like.jpg

This picture is of my wife years before we were married. I don’t know the time or place but I love this picture.  It has a raw Steinbeck type quality that pulls me in.  Her clothes, the lamp and such add to the mystic.

It’s A Deussy

I want to go back and visit the Deusenberg Museum  in Auburn Indiana once again with this post. There is so much beauty in that place it is almost overwhelming to a car guy like me.

(as usual click on any picture to see a larger slideshow)

Foggy Morning….


THis picture was taken a few weeks ago off my front porch. It is looking into the foggy woods with the rising sun.  The picture doesn’t really capture the true sense of the moment but it does give you an idea of  its majesty.