My Visual World…

Being deaf my world is primarily visual. So one of my most endearing hobbies is photography. I got my first 35mm camera right out of college. It, besides my 1970 Mustang,  was my first extravagant purchase.  I  have upgraded cameras many times since then and now have a fully digital GPS enabled one sitting beside me on all of my micro-RV trips and even around the homestead.

Most of the posts here at RJsCorner are primarily words  but I do intertwine them with occasional pictures such as in my search of America.  I think it is about time to put more focused solitary pictures here that tune in to pure beauty.  And that is what I intend to do here and hopefully weekly in the future. It will be categorized as 5Star Pictures as that is how they are labeled in my Adobe Lightroom 6 libraries. Oftentimes beauty is beautiful in its own sake but sometimes it is equally about the story surrounding it.

I want to start out this series by going back to 1944. No, I didn’t take the picture as it would be another two years before I was even born. But it is one of those pictures that I truly love for its innocence and for the person photographed.

A Pretty Little 5 year old.jpg

This beautiful little girl would become my wife in a mere forty-two years from the time it was taken. To me there is something enchanting about that face. Beauty personified, but maybe I am prejudiced .


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