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Boredom, My Personal Journey …. Part 2

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This is a continuation of my previous post about boredom and apathy. In high school not much changed as far as a lack of a challenge. One of the things I did enjoy there was writing essays. That activity gave me free rein to say what I wanted and I always easily got A’s for my work. ¬†Unfortunately I was never guided toward an avocation that would have exercised that talent I definitely showed even in my early days.

After high school college came. That is where I came upon the first real challenges in thinking. ¬†Again I excelled in English Comp classes without much effort and the electrical engineering classes I took were challenging but not particularly enjoyable to me. That should have given me a clue that I was in the wrong major but being a naive farm kid that I was that just didn’t occur to me that I had options.

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Boredom, My Personal Journey — Part 1

Here are some words from a fellow blogger’s page that I kind of borrowed. ¬†Thanks Syd for the idea: York University professor John Eastwood explains that boredom is just ‚Äúwanting to, but being unable to engage in satisfying activity.‚Ä̬† He goes on to distinguish boredom from apathy. ¬†‚ÄúThe [bored] person is not engaged but wants to be. ¬†With apathy, he said, there is no urge … Continue reading Boredom, My Personal Journey — Part 1