God Is….

I am by no means a sports fan but it was hard to not know about all the mania around Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos lately. There was much talk about how it was written that God had destined the Broncos to win the Superbowl this year.  The reason for this belief is that Tebow is a very visual Christian who is not afraid to show his faith in the public sphere. For that reason many Christians have latched onto him. He, not the preachers or theologians, seems to be the rock star of Christianity lately.

In this country a similar thing happens daily among perhaps million of Christians. They thoroughly believe that God especially loves the U.S.A.  They are convinced he completely condones all our  actions and is directly responsible for all of prosperity.  They believe that all of the proclaimed enemies of the U.S. are also therefore enemies of God.

I am convinced both of these proclamations are misguided beliefs in the concept of divine intervention. These type of beliefs are also pretty much  responsible for all the holy wars that have occurred throughout our history.  Everyone is convinced that God is on their side and against their enemies. When one group of people lay claim to all of divinity of course there will be others who directly oppose that belief even within Christianity itself. This type of thing is partly responsible for there being 39,000 different versions of Christianity around today.

No one among us is willing to just let God be God. We all want to put him in our preconceived boxes. If God is to intervene in our world today I certainly pray that it would be to alleviate all the hunger and suffering that causes 50,000 people a day to perish. I pray that  God somehow makes us come to our senses that there are millions perishing in the world due to starvation and inadequate healthcare. All of these things are totally preventable if we could just get beyond our political lines in the sand and our false preconceptions about God. To think that somehow God is more interested in who wins a sporting event or even who controls world power is beyond my understanding.  But then again maybe I am also putting God in my box with these thoughts.