All Puffed Up…

It was down to zero degrees last night here in Indiana. I sometimes wonder how all my feathered friends cope with these conditions. The picture below is one that shows one way they cope.  They get all puffed up to maintain body heat.

Here is to you my friend.  I promise to keep the feeder well stocked during these cold winter months so come back often...


My Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends.jpg

One of the things that gets me through winter months is taking pictures of my feathered friends. We put out a lot of suet in the winter months and the woodpeckers just love it.

Christmas Birds

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Christmas Blizzard Birds

This is one of my favorite shots from the recent blizzard. When snow covers the ground the cardinals and a few bluejays are frequent visitors to our old apple tree in the back.  They await their turn at the winter bird feeder.