Introducing Augmented Realities

Augmented Realitiesis a new category for me here at RJsCorner. It is meant to allow my creative side a little more leeway in my life. Most of the posts in this category will be where I take some of my favorite photos and expose them to artistic apps to turn them into “art”. Of course art is in the eye of the beholder, so I will wait for your judgement on whether I am doing a good job. The first installment is a picture of me taken at a cafe attached to the Westside Market in Cleveland. It was taken … Continue reading Introducing Augmented Realities

Cleveland – A Different View

Last Saturday’s “Artsy” post gave you a snapshot of our trip to Cleveland earlier this year.¬† This post will put some flesh on those bones. ūüôā Our first extended visit to Cleveland was in 2013. We were visiting a couple of my high school classmates of fifty years ago. We took in the downtown area and most of the usual tourist places during that trip. The trip this Spring was a two-day pass-through one and I was determined to see a different view of the city. As mentioned Saturday, we stayed at the Aloft Hotel on the Cuyahoga River a … Continue reading Cleveland – A Different View

Coastal Taco – Cleveland

For the first “Artsy Saturday” post at the reformatted RJsCorner, I chose the Coastal Taco in downtown Cleveland Ohio.¬† The picture was taken just after sunset from our room at the very eclectic Aloft Hotel. As you can see the restaurant was under a very large bridge going across the Cuyahoga River near Lake Erie.¬† The food was pretty good and the inside atmosphere was delicious. ūüôā Continue reading Coastal Taco – Cleveland

Cleveland Treasures

For this Artsy Saturday, I wanted to give you some pictures that I see as the quintessential Cleveland.¬† I am not a sports nut by any stretch of the imagination so their well-known teams just aren’t “Cleveland” to me.¬† The Cleveland Clinic is a crown jewel for the city but I will talk about that in a future post. When I visited the city a few years ago I discovered that it has a much more diverse population then I imagine.¬†Part of that is ethnic neighborhoods. The restaurant¬†sign below is in the Italian¬†district. The city center includes the Terminal Tower … Continue reading Cleveland Treasures

On The Road Cleveland – Day 8, The Final Run…

Here we are in the final hotel of our Cleveland vacation. We are in Newark Ohio which is a little east of Columbus. We spent much of the day in more Amish country of Berlin Ohio. It claims to have the largest Amish community in the U.S. I bought a couple of framed pictures as mementos of our trip. ¬†When we left this area to head south to I70 we found you couldn’t get there from here. Two of the three roads we tried were closed! Finally after three failed attempts we managed to find our way south and will … Continue reading On The Road Cleveland – Day 8, The Final Run…

One The Road Cleveland – Day 6 Gallery..

Here we are sitting in our hotel room on Sunday morning waiting for the museum to open at noon. So, I thought I would pull a few more pictures out of the album to show here. We are headed for the Western Reserve Historical Society today to get a more detailed account of local history. ¬†Then it will be off to our friends home for a few days. I’m not sure how technology conscious my friend is so I don’t know if I can get on the internet while we are there. If not, this will be a last post … Continue reading One The Road Cleveland – Day 6 Gallery..

On The Road Cleveland – Day 4 Museums

We spent today with some old-time high school friends of mine who are near-Cleveland residents. ¬†We spent the majority of the day at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History but before that we got a thorough driving tour of the Cleveland Clinic. ¬†The scale of the clinic is almost unimaginable. ¬†There were at least twenty huge buildings in the complex. The Cleveland Clinic is thought to be the healthcare of the future in that they do it much more efficiently than most. All their doctors are on salary as opposed to independent practices. Surgeons don’t make money performing more surgeries; … Continue reading On The Road Cleveland – Day 4 Museums

On The Road Cleveland – Day 3 Zoo

We are now situated in our home for the next three days. It is in a DoubleTree Hampton on the 15th floor overlooking Lake Erie. It will be nice not having to pack for the next few days. Nice views from the 15th floor. ¬†We spent the day at the Cleveland Zoo and Rainforest. It was an interesting time. Of course photos are attached here. ¬†The Rainforest was pretty nice; lots of beautiful flowers and such. The Zoo was pretty good but not up to par with our hometown one in Indianapolis. We will be spending much of the day … Continue reading On The Road Cleveland – Day 3 Zoo

On The Road Cleveland – Day 2 Youngstown

As noted in yesterday’s post we spent the day at Youngstown. It was everything I expected it to be. The Youngstown Historical Center was of course all about steel. I took about forty pictures of the exhibits and will give you a few of them here. ¬†I didn’t realize that there were actually seven mills running here during their heydays in the 1960’s. They started shutting down after the Japanese started flooding the market with sub-cost steels in the early 1980s and Ronald Reagan didn’t do anything to stop them. As a result they disappeared very quickly along with thousands … Continue reading On The Road Cleveland – Day 2 Youngstown

On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1

Yes, we decided to visit the Cleveland Ohio area for our April vacation this year. ¬†As expected we spent most of the day in the car. I don’t know why even after 27 years this Friday of being married I haven’t learned to lie about the time I want to leave. ¬†I told Yvonne we need to be on the road at 9:00am so of course as usually it was about 9:30am before we left. ¬†Why didn’t I say 8:30? We took almost all interstate roads to get here to Macedonia Ohio. After seven hours on the road the most … Continue reading On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1