Peaceful Coexistence – In Marriage

I know the term “Coexist” is primarily associated with religions. I have had a sticker on the back of my vehicles for longer than I can remember to that effect. The world would be a much better place if all religions agreed to just coexist with one another. But, I kinda think the term can be applied to other areas of life. For me, that … Continue reading Peaceful Coexistence – In Marriage

Freedom From Religion & Land Grabs

I know it seems like I have more bad stuff to say about the U.S. than good but that is only because I want it to be better and better. A couple of the things I most admire about my country is its principle of “Freedom of Religion” or maybe more as Jefferson intended “Freedom from Religion”. We simply will not tolerate one religion forcing … Continue reading Freedom From Religion & Land Grabs

About My Religious Beliefs

I have heard comments from some who have visited RJsCorner that seem to believe that I am anti-religious. This post will hopefully dispel that belief. Learning of things spiritual is a very fundamental part of what it means to be human. The primary method to accomplish to start this journey are religious establishments. They are the holder of the history of mankind in that context. In my grade school times I spent seven years being taught by Jesuit priests about Jesus. While at that young age I couldn’t fully comprehend what I was being taught, it did teach me to later be able to question some of what I learned.

Continue reading “About My Religious Beliefs”

Will Rogers – About Religious Beliefs

A regular part of RJsCorner is going to be looking at Will Rogers quotes and seeing how they apply in today’s world. So, this is the first of many in that area. Even¬† 80 years ago it seems that there were more than a few who thought religions did more damage than they helped. I think what Will was saying is that “Bible thumpers,” and … Continue reading Will Rogers – About Religious Beliefs

Religion And Global Conflict

It is becoming more and more recognized that religious beliefs are and have most likely always been one of the primary¬†sources of conflict in this world. Here are some words about the underlying reasons for this: “Religion often becomes the master variable,” Harris says. “It provides a unique reward structure. If you believe that the thoughts you harbor in this life and the doctrines you … Continue reading Religion And Global Conflict

Live and Let Live…

The words in the title above have been around for probably eons, but I kinda think they have been forgotten in today’s world. It seems that everyone wants everyone else to live their life as they do. Christians can’t tolerate non-Christians, Muslims think they need to kill anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. And then there is the RedAmerica vs BlueAmerica, that divide is becoming … Continue reading Live and Let Live…