Live and Let Live…

2017-11-23_11-03-24.pngThe words in the title above have been around for probably eons, but I kinda think they have been forgotten in today’s world. It seems that everyone wants everyone else to live their life as they do. Christians can’t tolerate non-Christians, Muslims think they need to kill anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. And then there is the RedAmerica vs BlueAmerica, that divide is becoming too wide to even think of breaching.

Live and let live seems to be a forgotten phrase today, but I kind of think it is the solution to most of our problems we face. Let others believe whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hamper our ability to do the same. Quit jumping on your high-horse in order to reform the world to your liking.

2017-11-23_10-57-07.pngOf course, I need to practice what I preach. Some of my posts are just too judgemental of others. I tend to criticize when their worldview does not match mine.  I try to be constantly aware of this but sometimes it leaks through.  I have a bumper sticker displayed on my vehicles with the word “Coexist”. It refers to asking all religions to live and let live with each other. But I kinda think it should be expanded to other areas of our lives too.

I will try to do better with this idea if you will too.  All major movements start out with a few people sharing an idea. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, this phrase will be the motto of the world. 🙂

My Prayer For the Season…


My prayer for this holiday season is that all the religions of the world finally agree to coexist with one another and not try to force their individual beliefs and dogma on the rest of us.  If only we could all quit killing each other in the name of our particular version of God this alone would go a LONG ways toward world peace that we all seemingly pray for..

Peaceful Coexistence Not War..

Coexisting Neighbors…

Feathered Friend 4The Blue Jay and the Red-bellied Woodpecker are not terribly friendly with each other but they do, for the most part coexist with each other at our feeder. If only humanity could accomplish the same thing. Coexisting instead of the constant wars.  If only….

Coexist Foundation

2014-10-02_14-25-24Coexist was founded in 2006 in the United Kingdom. The organization formed as a direct response to heightening tensions between religious and cultural groups across the world, as evidenced by a 2002 Gallup Poll of the Islamic world. As a result of the poll, Elgawhary says, “people got to see what opinions the Muslim world had of the outside world and the West, and also what people in Western countries thought of the Muslim world. There was a glaring disconnect of understanding and perceptions between the two.” SOURCE:  Coexist Foundation – National Geographic Education.

The one thing that saddens me more than anything else is all the killing around the world that is done in the name of God. Not only do people get stuck in their current view of God but they are ready to kill those who have a different view. I have become totally convinced that absolutely none of us have a lock on God. We all cling to our own religious documents as proof that we worship the only true god. When others disagree with us it far too often leads to conflict and death.

I have become very aligned with the ideas of the Coexist foundation. If only all of us could agree to disagree about spiritual things we would make the world much closer to what God probably wants.  But that won’t happen within the hierarchies of our existing religious institutions. They are simply too engrained in their own rhetoric to be open to the possibility that they might not have it totally right about everything.  The idea of coexisting with other religious beliefs must happen at the grass roots level. It must be a ground swell that simply overwhelms our ever present religious establishment biases.

Religions to me are more about their self convinced truths than they are about God.  Surely deep in our hearts none of us really believe that God will utterly reject for eternity the vast majority of his human creation in favor of our very narrowly focused beliefs of him? Because of all this inter-religious strife I am currently very spiritual but not very religious and I think there are many others out there with the same mentality as me. As a matter of fact I believe that this is the primary reason that so many are currently leaving many church organization today or not even joining them in the first place.

When we die we just might come to learn that God loves all of us. Let’s all pledge to simply coexist with each other and wait for God to tell us his truths if he ever cares to do that….