Why White Evangelicals…

It is a well-publicised fact that 81% of white evangelicals voted to put the current occupant in the Oval Office. On that subject, I ran across this interesting book entitled Believe Me. It is written by one of the 19% who voted the other way.Ā  Here is a small segment of an interview with the author: Finally, you dedicate your book to the 19 percent of white evangelicals who didĀ notĀ vote for Trump. What do you want to say to them with this book? I dedicate the book to the 19 percent not because theyā€™re my primary audience, but because they … Continue reading Why White Evangelicals…

Wk- About Humanists Part 2

There has been a very long-standingĀ debate about the morality of man that I was not until recently totally aware of.Ā  It has to do with where the goodness of man comes from. Is it an innate characteristic or one gleaned from our spiritual side?Ā  That is the question of this post.Ā  Who said I didn’t tackle the tough stuff here at RJsCorner (ha). First, let’s see what the various Humanist organizations say about themselves: I remember in my Evangelical days that humanists were not called humanist but instead secular humanists. I wondered what the difference was? Here is what Wikipedia … Continue reading Wk- About Humanists Part 2

Toxic Evangelism

Sadly the word “Evangelical” has come to mean a very negative thing for many people but to see it deemed toxic is simply frightening. But that is what happensĀ when you mix Christianity with politics.Ā  As the old saying goes it is like mixing ice cream with horse manure. It doesn’t hurt the manure but it sure changes the flavor of ice cream. My friends over at RedLetterChristians recently held a prayer vigilĀ near Liberty University. Liberty’s president Jerry Falwell Jr said any if any in the praying group step on his property they would be arrested for trespassing.Ā  That is not … Continue reading Toxic Evangelism

Christians and Humor….

This is the true purpose of satire: to mock power. It is, truly, the language of the powerless. From the biblical prophets, to Chaucerā€™s Canterbury Tales, to Swift, to Twain, to Orwell to our beloved Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, satire works best when the targets are the powerful and eliteā€”be they institutions or people. Jesusā€™ sharpest comments were always directed toward the politically or religiously powerful. Always. Indeed, you could argue that Jesusā€™ entire lifeā€”from being born in a barn in the midst of a genocide, to hanging out with prostitutes and drunks, to healing on the Sabbath and … Continue reading Christians and Humor….