Why White Evangelicals…

It is a well-publicised fact that 81% of white evangelicals voted to put the current occupant in the Oval Office. On that subject, I ran across this interesting book entitled Believe Me. It is written by one of the 19% who voted the other way.  Here is a small segment of an interview with the author:

2018-07-05_18-44-44.pngFinally, you dedicate your book to the 19 percent of white evangelicals who did not vote for Trump. What do you want to say to them with this book?

I dedicate the book to the 19 percent not because they’re my primary audience, but because they seem to have seen through Trump. They’ve made a decision that Trump is not good — not just for the nation, but also for the church. So I hope the book might provide some history and arguments that the 19 percent can offer to their evangelical friends who did vote for Donald Trump and are having second thoughts, or are at least open to further evidence and dialogue. But my main audience, I think, is those evangelicals who voted for Trump who are open to reason and evidence and historical arguments that may suggest electing Trump was a bad idea.

via Why White Evangelicals Voted for Trump: Fear, Power, and Nostalgia – Red Letter Christians

My basic premise here at RJsCorner that those who put #CO3 in office primarily did so because of fear of the unknown. While I was a member of an evangelical church not that long ago, I certainly saw that fear in a number of eyes. They are afraid of what is happening to their beloved country club. Due to pride and vanity, I doubt if they will ever admit the error of putting, at best, a totally unqualified person in the highest office in the land. It seems that they would rather go down in flames instead.

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  1. The people I personally know who voted for trump are…

    Most are religious to a pretty good degree, but probably would not consider themselves far right. One is Jewish.
    Most are racist to a good degree…blacks and Mexican and of course Muslims.
    Most are homophobic.
    Only one voted for Obama.
    All are republicans.
    Most are not college educated or come from a more educated background.
    Most read nothing but fiction.
    They like trump’s “in your face” personality.
    They can’t fathom that his tax policies are only for the rich.
    They can’t fathom that he will reduce their Medicare, SS and Medicaid.
    They do not believe in climate change and think it’s fake news. Plus some like the money they might make in the market due to EPA and banking deregulations. Me me me.
    Most watch nothing but Fox News
    Most either don’t believe he lies or don’t care.

    As I saw on another blog I follow, you cannot fight such deliberate stupidity.
    And it won’t go away even after trump is gone. It is an infection that is spreading called the dumbing down of America.

    I know you think I’m negative, but I prefer realistic.


  2. Well, Mary, I share your thoughts and feelings – for years and years I have seen the dumbing and slumming down of America – TV violence – reality shows bordering on x- rated, Churches (all Churches) lowering the morale compass and allowing family values to deteriorate without a word – they do bear responsibility for a lot – Americans have always been the best example of Democracy for the rest of the world – we have fought so that other people could be free – our young men and women have died for this cause – was it all in vain? – is anything really different? Trump is a frightening man – borderline traitor and a con artist – but what really is shocking are the number of Americans who support his point of view – apparently they have no idea what the USA really is – They are undereducated – racist -and as you said the ME ME ME – it’s like watching people cut off their nose to spite their face. I was raised in a “different ” America – liked it a lot better.. Mary Ellen

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  3. I concur with the Mary’s….and I feel outnumbered by Trumpsters in my family and with some friends. I don’t understand how they can revel in this dangerous man. They do seem to get off on his juvenile smart alec remarks and name calling. So much for the intelligence of the American people. We need to continue to “resist” in our thinking and actions and hope we can recover from these years of Trump. Hope springs eternal.

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