Think For Yourself – A Very Foreign Idea…

One of my triology of mottos for RJsCorner is Think For Yourself It basically defines who I am and who I want to be. When the crowd is all going one way I think to myself “I wonder what kind of opportunities does the other path have?” That makes me a contrarian, and I am proud of that fact. There is No possibility that I … Continue reading Think For Yourself – A Very Foreign Idea…

Government Wasn’t The Problem

Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan made the comment “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” I didn’t agree with that then but by adding two words I agree with it now. My slightly revised quote is The lack of government is the problem When government loses its role of doing the “people’s business” it becomes a major problem. When that … Continue reading Government Wasn’t The Problem

Accountability By Impeachment?

We all know the slogan “No One Is Above The Law”. That drives our search for equal justice. What’s good for one is good for all. Or, is it? I have seen many times equal justice just doesn’t apply. Politicians and public office holders, along with the wealthy and famous seem to get “special” treatment way too often . A local example of that for … Continue reading Accountability By Impeachment?

Looking Back – U.S. Christianity

For this Sunday’s Look Back let’s look at the MAGA/Evangelical cult. I never would have dreamed that U.S. Christianity would have taken the fatal hit it has when I wrote the above words five years ago. Yeah, we had the Tea Party back then that was identified as a radical right fringe but for the most part they were not identified as a primarily Christian … Continue reading Looking Back – U.S. Christianity

Settled by 100 Million Voters or 100 Millionaires in the Senate

The impeachment inquiry into the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) is going in full force now. Some say that is a good thing but some also say that that is just what this guy wants. He wants it to be about him, even if it is threatening.

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Just the facts, in 40 sentences.

I have been looking for this type of list about the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) for a while now. Thanks, David Leonhardt of the New York Times for putting it out in his column on Sunday.

Even with this very lengthy list it seems impossible for any Republican in Congress to put country over party and bring this guy to task. They finally need the guts to admit that their party that once stood for principles was kidnapped by a very flawed person who has his head stuck so far up his own rear end that he sees ABSOLUTELY nothing but himself.

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