Government Wasn’t The Problem

Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan made the comment “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” I didn’t agree with that then but by adding two words I agree with it now. My slightly revised quote is

The lack of government is the problem

When government loses its role of doing the “people’s business” it becomes a major problem. When that extremely defective narcissist captured the top job of our country in 2017 he almost immediately threw the “people’s business” in the trash so he could make room for his self-serving agenda.

There could not be a better example of the problem of failure to do the people’s business than the last four years. Looking at statistics, there was no reason for almost 150,000 of us to have died in this pandemic. If we had only been an average government, we would have had less than 250,000 die instead of 400,000+! The ex-Oval Office occupant should have been impeached for that, let along inciting in domestic terrorist insurrection. His abject lack of leadership weighed heavily on all of us. Millions are out of work because the pandemic raged beyond control for so long. His anti-science, anti-truth did more damage than any previous president in our history!

The problems to be solved after these four years are almost insurmountable. It’s kinda like looking at the blackboard in the graphic above to make sense of it. I expect in the next 100 days we will see activity beyond what was tragically displayed for the last four years. The Biden Administration has to undo so much damage that I pray they are up to it. I also pray that somehow all those who were once in the dark shadows of our population will once again see clearly that their view of the world is no longer validated by the Oval Office, nor will it be tolerated by any of us. They must understand that their seditious conduct has severe consequences.

There is so much to be done to once again put us on a forward-looking track, I can’t even begin to imagine the order of doing it. But I know one of the top ten agendas is to take back the huge tax cut that the ultra-rich received four years ago. It’s time for them to pay their fair share of doing the people’s business.

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