Pennsylvania State Museum

In 2014 we went to the State Museum of Pennsylvania on our way back from NYC. It was one of the best of all the state museums we have been in.  It celebrates all aspects of its history.  Here is a small gallery of the art from that visit.

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Nothing New Under The Sun…

I think the title above came from Solomon but for me it refers to my uRV (micro-RV).  I have spent the last couple of years putting stickers and saying on the camper cap. I think it looks pretty unique.


But then I ran across the following picture from the Nationa Museum of American History.


I really didn’t think I was the first to put messages on my vehicle but didn’t know it had been done almost 200 years ago.  Kind of neat if you ask me.

Another Car Guy Place..

I’m not done with the Deusenberg Museum yet but I kind of figure you can’t take too much of that beauty at one time so I need to ration it out.  🙂  But I did fine another museum behind that one that is worth the visit if you are in the area.  I admit that I got there just 10 minutes before that closed so they let me take a quick “free” visit. I managed to quickly snap some pictures of the trucks there.

Lincoln Museum – Springfield IL

ISOA BannerAbraham Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents. His library in Springfield Illinois is and impressive place.  The pictures here are life-like figures from his cabinet. Most of these guys thought he was just a yokel who could be easily controlled. They later found out just how wrong they were.

Praire Museum – Colby Kansas

We just happened to come across this museum on our way home from Santa Fe this Spring.  It is a fascinating place that tells the story of the Upper Plains of Kansas. One thing I do know is that the Upper Plains is a very windy place.  I think it could be the wind energy capital of the world if they filled it with wind turbines….


Symmetry Attack…

Des Moines State Museum - SymmetryI am having another symmetry attack and need to get it out of my system. This picture of symmetry was taken at the Des Moines Iowa State Museum a few years ago. It is a very interesting place to visit.


Pittsburgh, PA – Museums

Pittsburgh was the steel capital of the world for many years and of course Dale Carnegie was its king. The Carnegie Museum of Art is an impressive place to visit. Much of the “toys” he collected are on display there. The above picture is of the wing dedicated to rocks.

About Art….

Chicago, IL – The Art Institute of Chicago

Art is mainly something that all of us need to be exposed to. Much of it is a look into the soul of the artist. It helps us to know our value beyond any monetary terms. It is the essence of being human. The lions outside the museum are widely known and the art inside is well worth the visit. This pic was taken on a cold wintery day in December 2010.

Will Rogers…

Claremore OK – Will Rogers Museum

Any of you who have visited my main blog over at RJsCorner know that Will Rogers is a major hero of mine.  He was a satirist/humorists during the 1920s and 30s.  He was very proud of his native American heritage and so am I. If you ever get a chance visit his museum. You will never forget it.

One The Road Cleveland – Day 6 Gallery..

Here we are sitting in our hotel room on Sunday morning waiting for the museum to open at noon. So, I thought I would pull a few more pictures out of the album to show here. We are headed for the Western Reserve Historical Society today to get a more detailed account of local history.  Then it will be off to our friends home for a few days. I’m not sure how technology conscious my friend is so I don’t know if I can get on the internet while we are there. If not, this will be a last post for a couple of days.

I am just going to give you several pictures here we have taken over the last five days. If you want an explanation of any of them leave a comment. 🙂   Well maybe I do need to explain the first one. It is of a sewer cover!  My wife is from Neenah Wisconsin so whenever we travel we are always looking down as well as up so we notice the Neenah Foundry art. It is surprising how many states we have come across these iron monoliths.