Pennsylvania State Museum

In 2014 we went to the State Museum of Pennsylvania on our way back from NYC. It was one of the best of all the state museums we have been in.  It celebrates all aspects of its history.  Here is a small gallery of the art from that visit.

As usual click on any picture to see a larger slideshow view

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania State Museum

  1. I love museums too. I didn’t realize you could take pictures, but I’m glad you took these. I especially like the more colorful one with people/barns/horse and buggies, in it. I have a love for the country, and the wonderful fresh air & scenery. Are those people Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Jen, I am happy you liked the pics. In my travels over the years I have found that most museums, even the art centered ones now allow photographs but no flash. A few don’t and I always comment about that to them. West Virginia was also a great State museum. Can’t decide which I liked better…

    William Penn was a Quaker and there are still many of them in Pennsylvania, especially the eastern portion. But yeah there are many Amish there now also. The religions are quite similar but the Quakers don’t shun the leaving members as the Amish do.

    Oh by the way, I enjoy your blog, it is on my daily Feedly list. You certain have a unique set of hobbies 🙂


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