You’re On Your Own – Being Your Own Doctor

This post is part of the series about my experiences with today’s version of American healthcare, particularly associated with my wife’s fifty days and counting exposure to it after her fourth heart attack. I’m sure I have interfaced with at least two dozen MDs in the last month and none of them, including my wife’s PCP, seem to look beyond one of her many present … Continue reading You’re On Your Own – Being Your Own Doctor

85% of Aspies Are Unemployed… What A Crock!

I just ran across this statistic from a medical professional website recently. Refuting that absurd claim is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “85% of Aspies Are Unemployed… What A Crock!”

Breaking Down The Myths About Deafness

On my post a while ago entitled “Life’s Lesson” I said there were ten things that I have learned in my life that I aim to put forward for your consumption here on RJsCorner. It is important to me and I kinda think it should be important to each of us that when we come across myths about living, we should do what we can … Continue reading Breaking Down The Myths About Deafness

Dispelling Myths vs Reimaging

Yesterday’s post was all about spin and how we too often try to reimage something because makes us uncomfortable.  It was primarily about the fact that we need to dispell the myth instead of just re-naming the condition.  Today I want to talk about why this topic is so important to me. As I have often said, being deaf is a major part of my life but … Continue reading Dispelling Myths vs Reimaging

My View Of The Bible— Part 2 .. What I believe (con’t)

This post continues with my fundamental beliefs about the Bible. I have not come to these beliefs on a whim. They are the result of many years of thoughtful prayer and study. I am also not trying to prove anyone wrong. Everyone should come to God in their own way. So let’s get on with the final four areas of my view on the Bible. Some words … Continue reading My View Of The Bible— Part 2 .. What I believe (con’t)

Early Church Historians…

The Future of Faith (Cox, Harvey) As we have seen, these early Christian “historians” were neither critical nor neutral. They were not even historians. They were churchmen who aspired to become the leaders of the next generation of Christians. They were anything but disinterested, and they had an agenda that was not particularly hidden. Looking for a potent way to establish their own authority, they … Continue reading Early Church Historians…