How did I get inside this old body

I have to give Mark Twain credit for the quote in the title above. Something happened recently to make this quote “How did I get inside this old body”  jump in front of me.  In my youth, when I visited my grandmother the thing I noticed first was the line of pill bottles that were on her dresser.  She seemed to always be taking her medicine.

2018-05-28_15-56-44.pngFast forward to today, and given the fact that one of the most lucrative businesses to be in is pharmaceuticals,  it is no surprise that many people over 60 have medicine cabinets that dwarf my grandma’s. My myriad of pills started in 2006 just after I turned sixty.  I had a “heart event”. I didn’t know that is what it was at the time as no one in my immediate family ever had heart problems so I just didn’t consider it a possibility.

After a visit to the stent lab, I was given three prescriptions to help prevent another event. I have been taking them for twelve years now. But eventually, those three meds grew to seven I take now!

Getting to the point of this story, it seems my health is controlled by pills now! Recently my blood pressure has been lower than normal and when I mentioned that to my PCP she recommended cutting my blood pressure meds in half to see if that would help the problem. So now, in order for blood to flow through my veins in the correct manner, I have to take the correct amount of pills! I wonder how long I would last if I just quit taking any of them?

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Bragging About It…

This and the next few posts are to honor of the new header above about Will’s quote on old age.  I don’t know quite what the definition of “old age” is but I kinda think I might be getting there.

I just don’t understand how I got all the way to this point in my life? It seems like yesterday that I was in college working my butt off to pay for school and to graduate. Admittedly my high school memories are pretty sparse now. I played those years out in the background as a shy kid who was totally clumsy in a social environment.  How have almost sixty years gone by?

I don’t think I have that many years left so I best be getting to the bragging point before it is too late. I know all the sociologists tell me that I will now remember the past not as it happened but as I wanted it to happen.

When I did finally start coming out of my shell in the late teens I now mostly remember the lost opportunities where if I had just done something different my life might be much different than it is.  If only I had told Ginny how I felt about her. Instead, I held back as I always did and let it go by.  Maybe when I start bragging I can change that and a couple other stories of my life?

I kinda like to believe that my bragging here on RJsCorner is to pass on the wisdom from making so many mistakes during my years on this earth. 🙂

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