The Corn Palace…

Corn Palace.jpg

ISOA Banner   Nothing could be more American that the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. My first time there was on a family vacation in the 1950s. I have been there three other times and except for the date on the front of the building it has not changed one iota over the years.

Mount Rushmore…

Mount Rushmore, SD – The Greatest Presidents

I have been to Mount Rushmore several times in my life. It seems every time I go they have remodeled the place closer and closer to the sculpture. If I had to decide who since Roosevelt would be added to this mountain it would be difficult to choose someone of the same stature as these guys.  They were all very much presidents for the people and would all be considered “LIBERALS” by the current day GOP.

Celebrating Native Americans….

Rapid City, SD – A City of Sculptures

I love all the sculptures in downtown Rapid City. Many celebrate our Native Americans. What could be more American than to celebrate the original inhabitants of this great country. Too bad it took us so many years to realize that…..


Yankton SD – Small Town Amenities

Small town America is a big part of the heart of the country and the Moose lodge is often the heart of the town. For my small town it is the Lions Club for Yankton it was the Moose lodge no. 1356.  I don’t know much about the Moose but I do know they have secret ceremonies and there are about 50 of them in every State.

Wall Drug…

Wall SD – Free Ice Water

I still remember the miles after miles of seeing the road signs for Wall Drugs in the 1950s during our first family visit to the west. We stopped by there again a few years ago and it is pretty much the same expanded even more. It pretty much takes over the entire Main St. now. They started by in the 30s with the slogan “Free ice water”, that was a big deal back then.  Wall Drug is part of the soul of America because it shows  American ingenuity.

All That Corn….

ISOA (41)Mitchell SD – Corn Palace

One thing America is known for is corn. Anyone who has ever driven through the middle of this country has seen acre after acre of it.  Don’t ask me where we use all that corn cause I don’t know. I personally don’t eat much of it in its basic form.

The Mitchell Corn Palace has been around for probably 100 years. I remember visiting there when I was a young boy and that was a long time ago.  The outside of the building is completely covered with corn-on-the-cob and is redone every three or four years as the birds eat it all off.