Then N’ Now – Diversity

Welcome to my World of 2020

This is yet another post in my “Then N’ Now” series. It is about how I saw the world in the 1940s to the 1960s and how I see it now.

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Trip Report – Southern Illinois… Give Them a Break..

I have several interesting posts to do on my just completed¬†micro-RV trip into southern Illinois. As usual I managed to avoid interstate highways for ¬†all but four miles of the 700+ adventure. ¬†Anyone¬†even vaguely familiar with Illinois know that the vast majority of the state’s population resides in the extreme northeast around Chicago. I can hereby attest that there are almost no people in the … Continue reading Trip Report – Southern Illinois… Give Them a Break..

Small Town Life

  ¬†¬† You don’t know America if you have never eaten at a small town cafe. This one in Ennis Montana like so many others is proud of its heritage. We had breakfast there, a big place of sausage gravy and biscuits so didn’t have a change to try their strawberry pie… The biscuits were kind of hard but the gravy was very good. Continue reading Small Town Life

On The Road – Council Bluffs Iowa (Day 2)

Here I am sitting in our hotel room in Council ¬†Bluffs Iowa. But unlike last night I am sitting here alone. ¬†No my wife didn’t get mad and leave me; she is instead in a casino about 100 yards from our hotel room. ¬†Unknowingly I chose a hotel for the night in a casino complex. Gambling is just not my thing but Yvonne does like … Continue reading On The Road – Council Bluffs Iowa (Day 2)