My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

First I guess I need to explain who LMPI people are. LMPI stands for Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant. That is only half the title the other is White Evangelical MAGA Cult. Put them all together my tolerance for these people is dangling by a thread. They seem to be under any rock I go by. I hope this pandemic ends soon before I lose any … Continue reading My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

Reckless Endangerment… And The Virus

When a person is found guilty of reckless endangerment he can get up to a year in prison. That is the law. I’m sure sometime in the future this law will apply to those who willfully choose not to wear a mask in public places. Given the fact that, if the evidence proves true, pandemics will become much more prevalent in the future, it will likely happen soon.

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