Reckless Endangerment… And The Virus

When a person is found guilty of reckless endangerment he can get up to a year in prison. That is the law. I’m sure sometime in the future this law will apply to those who willfully choose not to wear a mask in public places. Given the fact that, if the evidence proves true, pandemics will become much more prevalent in the future, it will likely happen soon.

I made the mistake recently of getting ensnared in a Facebook posting about being kind to those who won’t wear masks in public places. I was told in no uncertain terms if I was afraid of getting the virus from unmasked people then I should just STAY HOME! I was going to counter what the person said but finally deemed it useless to try to use logic or empathy with people of that mentality as it is a giant waste of time.

But the more I thought about it the more the following scenario developed in my mind. His demand would be the same as saying I may choose to drive 100mph through your neighborhood, so if you don’t want to risk me hitting you or your kids then just STAY HOME! The only difference between not wearing a mask and driving recklessly is that there is a law against the second one.

Some people just won’t put others above themselves unless there are personal consequences to them. A threat of a year in jail just might do the trick.

But there are a couple of reasons making that happen is near future is next to impossible. One is a Senate that is dictatorially controlled by a very erratic person. No I am not, at least this time, talking about the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) but a power hungry leader from Kentucky. The other reason is that thousands of kids have been killed by automatic weapons, and we still can’t get any legislation passed to prevent the next one. But then again maybe that IS the same problem as the first reason. I am hoping, no really praying, that come next January this roadblock will be cleared so this type of legislation that saves lives can finally happen once again.

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