Trip Log – To the Pacific…

SL Sea LionsSL Oregon Dunes

Today we headed to Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean.  At least for this trip. It was amazing to find a beach of almost a mile long and no people!  We had two adventures today.  The first was to go to a large cave on the ocean where sea lions come to mate.  There were thousands of them there in the cave and along the cliffs. These guys are big! The males are more than 1500 lbs so when they jump into the water they make a big splash. They go all the way to the Artic circle during their migratory journey.  We watched several come in from far out in the ocean.

The second adventure was to do a dune buggy trip on the Oregan Dunes.  The dunes are more than 50 miles long so that is a lot of sand. We took the “old peoples” trip but it was still some jolt and jogs along the way.  Tomorrow we will be taking a Jet boat up Hell’s Canyon outside of Medford Oregon.  If we survive that I will blog about it tomorrow night.

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