Trip Log – Jetboating…

SL Rouge River ORSL Rouge River Espray Nest

Yeah, our adventure for today was, as I expected, the jetboat trip down the Rogue River to the Hellgate Canyon.  It was 36 miles round trip and quite a ride. When we got on the boat Yvonne and I chose the front row outside seats.  These proved to be the most adventurous seats on the trip.  As we go started the pilot mentioned that the boat was capable of over 100 mph but he would keep in down to around 40mph while on the river. So before long we were shooting rapids at 40mph!  A little water come into the boat but not too much. It was during the pilots “spin outs” where the water was an issue.  A spin out is where he is going 40 mph and then does a sudden turn on the wheel resulting in the boat doing a couple of 360s!  When this is happening there is, as you can imagine a large wake formed all around the boat.  As it so happens my seat on the boat was the one that took the brunt of the water.  I was drenched more than once on the trip 🙂 . Everyone on the boat, all 30 or so kept yelling for “more spin-outs”.  Yvonne refused to even open her eyes during these multiple procedures but I took the whole thing in each time.  It was truly “cool” as the kids say. We also saw quite a bit of wild life on the river.  Blue Herons and Ospreys as shown in the picture above.  There was a bird in the nest but you can’t quite see it in the picture.

The jetboat will probably be the last of the “adventures” for a while.  Tomorrow we are visiting a world famous creamery in the area. It makes and ships blue cheese throughout the world.  After that we will be heading back to Rte 101 and the coast. We will head into California and the Red Wood National Park in the very northern part of California. It will be a mature adventure; not a wild one like the last few days.

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