Trip Log – San Francisco



If it’s Monday this must be San Francisco 🙂  .  We got here about 10AM and to our surprise we got into our room right away.  We are about 3 blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf so we headed right to there and our first view of Alkatraz.  It is much closer to San Francisco than I had imagined. I could see why many of the prisoners thought they could swim the distance to freedom. But, of course none of the were known to have made it.  After having lunch at the Wharf we headed on a walking tour of China Town, Nobb Hill, and the surrounding area. Yes SF is primarily made up up pretty steep hills.  We ended up walking about 2 miles and Yvonne was ready to give it up.  We waited at a stop for a trolly for about one half hour and then decided to just walk back to our hotel. As you can see from the picture Yvonne had a hard time but she did make it.   Tonight we will likely head by to the Wharf for dinner and then a very leisurely and SHORT strole after that. Tomorrow will may just take one of those tour buses around the rest if the sites instead of walking.   I’m sure my better half will insist on that.