Trip Log – Sanoma

SL Winery   SL Winery Flowers

Today was a restful day as all Sundays should be. We slept in, had breakfast at our Inn and then headed for the wineries. The one we stopped at was the Benzinger Winery.  They are one of the few family winery’s still left. As is usual with farming Corporate wineries are taking over the family ones by leaps and bounds. Benzinger  is what is called biodynamic vineyard.  It is a several steps above being organic. It is a beautiful place that includes obviously grapes but also many flowers (one shown above) and veggies. Of course we got the full tour along with the obligatory wine tasting at the end. We bought a bottle to take into San Francisco but more on that later.  After the winery we stopped off at Jack London Village.  This is a place that Jack London frequented and is now mostly owned by his family. For those of you who may have forgotten, Jack London was a popular author in the mid 1900’s. I literally devoured his books “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang” as a boy. His books are one of the reasons I become an avid reader.  We had lunch there and it reminded me of our time in Mexico as we ate outside among many flowers and plants. We did manage to make it back to the room about 3PM and therefore in plenty of time for a Sunday nap. This has been a truly restful day in Sonoma California.

This morning I made reservations for our San Francisco visit.  We will be staying at a hotel about a block away from Fisherman’s Wharf. We are going to trust OnStar to get us there and parked and then we will be doing our touring on foot tomorrow and via a tour bus and ferry on Tuesday.  After that we will head to Salinas California to see exactly where all our veggies are grown and of course is the home of another famous California author John Steinbeck. I’m pretty sure I read all his many books as a boy.

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