Trip Log – Mesa Verde National Park

SL Mesa Verde 1   SL Mesa Verde 2

SL Mesa Verde 3

We spent today in Mesa Verde National Park.  That is the park in SW Colorado where the indian cliff dwellers once lived.  They lived there about 1000 AD so it was many years before the white man came and took everything away.  The park was really neat. It tooks us about 50 miles to see all the cliff dwelling and most of this was on very curvey roads. The dwellings had a surreal feeling about them.  During this trip I have been trying to connect with my native American roots. My great grandmother was as Shawnee squaw.  This was probably the closest I have come to feeling spiritually part of the native American culture. The museum in the part did a great job of showing how they lived and survived.  I couldn’t, however, find why they left or were annihilated? I guess I will have to study up on that some. Being close to the dwellings gave me a somewhat spiritual feeling.  I definitely want to come back here someday and spend a lot more time here just taking in the sites and culture.

Tomorrow we will be packing it in and starting to head home.  We may stop along the way to see whatever interests us but this was the last “official” stop on the trip. I am still searching for a recreated plains fort but haven’t found one yet.