Trip Log – KS Capital, Brown vs… ,KC

SL Topeka 3

SL Topeka 2

SL Topeka 1

SL Topeka 4

We started off today with our usual trip the the State capital. Of course, for Kansas that was Topeka. It turned out that the capital looked more like the Addamm’s Family home than the capital. The outside of the building was encased in scaffolding and the inside was dark and dreary in almost every hall. I admit that the picture above was not typical but it was there.  About the only people we say were some fat guys laughing and joking in the Governor’s outer office.  I would guess they were “fat cats” 🙂

After the capital we went to the site of the Brown vs. Board of Education lawsuit. Of course Brown vs. was the beginning of the civil rights movement.  The displays there were very good in showing the times and what the case meant. They also showed displays about discrimination against the handicapped, the Japanese during WWII, and native Americans.  It was very tastefully done, even for us white folks (although I am handicapped and 1/6 native American so maybe I am a bit swayed).  They had several of the classic photos of that period that showed the intense hate that some southerners had for desegregation issues. It is scary to see such hate on a person’s face. Almost like looking into the eyes of the devil. I often wonder if we went back to those people today what would they say now about that period and the photo of them?

We then had a late lunch and hit the road again. Unfortunately that put us into rush hour in Kansas City. But we landed in our hotel about midway between KC and St. Louis about 7PM.  We will likely make a dash for home tomorrow as we are both now anxious to get back and pick up our dog Beulah from the kennel on Sunday morning. I hope she remembers who we are!

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