Trip Log – Last Entry

We left Kansas yesterday and made a dash for home.  I guess we were just getting too antsy to get back to our home digs and out of the daily hotel-to-hotel mode.  We made it back last night and now have Beulah, our Bassett hound home. It was a great trip, maybe the best we have taken.  We certainly saw a lot of the country this time (about 7,000 miles of it).

Because of the trip I now have RVs on my mind. I am dreaming of retrofitting an old one or maybe some other vehicle for the road. This may quickly pass (at least Yvonne probably wishes it would 🙂 ) but who knows. Maybe next year we will do this again except this time we will take our home, and probably our dog, with us!

One thought on “Trip Log – Last Entry

  1. Boohoo! Everyday I looked forward to reading about
    your and Yvonne’s adventures but you had to come home.
    You saw so many beautiful places. Thank you so much
    for taking the time to share your trip. In the future,
    I will be logging onto CelebratingMainStreets.

    Thanks again!



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