Dreaming of Fried Green Tomatoes…

California Lettuce

We have been back home a little over a week now and I am finally getting settled into the daily routine. I have spent the week outside trying to get the yard and gardens back in shape.  We had friends set up to take care of things while we were gone but unfortunately the person who was to do the weeding fell and broke a leg while we were gone! We were very sorry to hear that but the garden weeds were delighted. They thrived in his absence :).  After much work, the gardens are doing fine.  The popcorn made it up to “knee-high by the fourth of July” so I guess I will have a good crop.  That is if the electric fence I am installing keeps the raccoons out. Last year they left me a total of 4 stalks standing in time for the harvest.  We will see what happens this year.  The tomatoes are looking good; they have quite a few small green ones on already.  Being a big lover of fried green tomatoes I hope they get bigger soon as my mouth is starting to water just at the thought of getting them in a skillet! No the picture here is not of my garden. I just couldn’t help but throw in a picture from our visit to Salina California.  I love leaf lettuce but that is too much for me to consume in a lifetime.

It is good to be home and in my usual bed again. But, of course I am starting to dream about the next vacation trip.  To my wife’s dismay, I still have it in mind to maybe convert an old school bus into a custom RV.   They even have a name for those vehicles; they are called skoolies.  We will see if this is a passing phase or not.

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