Speaking of cows….


We had an annual event occur today. At least it occurs about this same time every year for the last six or so.  A farmer’s cows from down the road broke out of the pasture and ended up grazing in our front yard. This year there were about six heifers and six calves.  I wasn’t thinking fast enough or I would have gotten some pictures of them for the blog.   Yvonne called our neighbor from across the road and she contacted the right person. In a matter of 15 minutes or so three young people showed up to herd them back to their home.  All it really takes is to entice them with a bucket of shelled corn.  They will follow anyone who has shelled corn. You know the old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Well I guess the cows get that in the head about this same time every year.

So anyway the excitement is now over for the day and it is time to start mowing (at least that area that the cows didn’t take care of). 🙂

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