Thinking of a friend from my college years…

April 68 Don Valentine As I have mentioned one of my projects this winter is the digitize all the old photo albums from the past.  I just finished the ones from my college days at Purdue in the 1960’s and ran across this one of a good friend.  His name was Don Valentine and as the picture indicates he could do magic on the guitar and he had the voice to go with it. I thought sure one day I would be buying his albums. Unfortunately, the Vietnam war did that in.  Don was drafted shortly after graduation and sent to Vietnam almost immediately. He was killed in action within a month of being there.  Don married the love of his life just before leaving and she was pregnant with his son when he died.  This was the first time the actual reality of that horrible war would come home to me.  Unfortunately, it was not the last time. What a shame that so many young fruitful lives were snuffed out during those years.

I think of Don rather frequently now and wonder how his wife and son are doing. As is a rather common regret for me lately I did not keep up with them as the years passed. So, anyway here is to you Don. I’ll hum one of the Dylan songs that you liked to play for the rest of the day.  How about “It’s a Hard Rains gonna fall”.

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