I Believe…

With this post I am going to start a new Sunday thing related to what I believe in regards to spiritual matters. I spent the last sixty years trying to understand just who God is and why he put me on this earth.  I have also spent the last four years diligently studying about one hundred books on theology and of other faiths beliefs. At this point in my life my beliefs and understanding of God are finally somewhat solidified. In these posts I will only tell you what I believe. I am in no way trying to persuade you one way or the other. It is up to you as it was for me to find your own path to knowing God. After a long and arduous journey I believe I have found mine.  But if my words even slightly open your eyes to something different then that just might be a good thing.

  • I Believe that God sent Jesus of Nazareth to earth to accomplish three things:
    • To die for our sins
    • To defeat death
    • To teach us how to live
  • I Believe that most Christian churches recognize the first two purposes and some do a pretty good job of explaining them.
  • I Believe that many Christian churches do a very poor job of recognizing the third purpose.
  • I Believe that the third purpose is of at least of equal importance to the first two.
  • I Believe that God sent prophet after prophet before Jesus to teach us how to live but we ignored them and murdered many of them.
  • I Believe that God truly loves us so he sent his Son to convince us to change the way we live and relate to Him. But it seems that most Christian organizations are ignoring his words and commands in this area. This greatly saddens me.
And the journey goes on…

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