Small town life for me….

As mentioned in the last post I live just outside a small (population 1200) town in the Midwest. I enjoy the small town life immeasurably more than the big city stuff. Yes, I have spent a considerable amount of time in both. I am not one to insist that I be able to walk to a dozen museums or see a different Broadway play each week. To those kind of people where I live would be called a “cornfield with lights”.

My Dad moved us from the big city to a small rural area when I was in the eighth grade. We lived there throughout my high school years. I had 68 kids in my graduating class and it was the biggest one ever for our school. I made extra money in my high school years by helping out the local farmers with their work. I was a skinny runt but still managed to tote around 80 lb. bales of hay with the big guys. But I am getting off track here.

When we moved to small town where we presently live ten years ago we were known as the “new people” on our road. It took about five years for that moniker to wear off. Now we are pretty well known through all the establishments in town. Most people now know I am deaf so I don’t have to be constantly explaining why I might not be responding to their questions. That takes considerable stress off my daily living. That alone is worth living in a small town. But since it is a small town we do have to go to a big city (population 30,000) to get some things needed around the homestead.

I guess you could take the title words of the TV show Cheers and apply it to small town life. “Its nice to go where everybody knows your name“. But of course small town living is not without it drawbacks. When something embarrassing happens in your life almost everybody in town seems to immediately hear about it! But even with that small town life is definitely the life for me.

And the journey goes on…