Laverne & Shirley???


My wife Yvonne was born in a small town in northern Wisconsin in the 1940s. When she graduated from high school she decided it was time to move to the big city. Milwaukee that is. After spending some time housed at the local Y she ended up sharing an apartment with a girl friend from the same small town. From the stories she tells they had quite an adventure together and some of those adventures included some big city boys. Anyone over fifty or so should be now saying that sounds like the old TV show called  Laverne & Shirley? That show was about two single girls and took place during that same period and in the same city. No, my future wife and her friend did not work in a local brewery but from some of the pictures here they did partake of the brew on a regular basis.

I know in the TV series Laverne was always the whackier one. I’m not sure if Yvonne took that role or her friend. Maybe their version had two Lavernes? :). Over the last twenty five years I have had Yvonne’s “Laverne and Shirley years” narrated in occasional spurts. I’m sure there are still many adventures that happened to these two girls that I have yet to hear.

I won’t give you the name of my wife’s friend but they do still talk and visit to each other from time to time. A lot of water has gone under the bridge but I’m sure they still have fond memories of those years. Luckily Yvonne’s photo archives showed some of those whacky times. Especially the one showing her friend sitting in a closet covered with beer and champaign bottles!!

I love having my own little version of Laverne and always will. She still has much of that spark she had then.

And the journey goes on…

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