If Only…

If only we put as much enthusiasm into our academic accomplishments as we do our sporting activities.

The rest of the world is at our door ready to eat our lunch. Why is this? One reason is because academically their children are now surpassing our in math, science and other critical subjects. Anyone that has any concept of what the 21st century will be about knows that technology will play a very prominent role. Anyone who know much about technology knows that it starts with basic knowledge of math and science.

One of the reasons we are about to lose our lunch, and maybe even our supper, is because we put all the glory on our children’s extra curricular activities than we do the academic accomplishments. As a result sports is actually a net drain on our society. That is, because it drains enthusiasm away from other more crucial areas of childhood schooling.

The high school football star has a far greater status than the class valedictorian. And peer status is everything when you are a teenager. Wouldn’t it be great if these roles were reversed but I don’t know, given the late date, that that is even remotely possible right now.

I retired from as an information technology engineer ten years ago.  Even then many of the IT jobs were being shipped over to India. One of the reasons was because there was a shortage of qualified people in the U.S.  Maybe it is time we missed a few meals anyway…

And the journey goes on……

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