Connecting with my Soul Mate…


Boy do I remember my wedding day. I suspect that most of us do. Of course for those who have been married multiple times the wedding day might get intermingled in our minds (ha). Fortunately I found my soul mate the first time around but it did take a while. I was on the teetering edge of forty years of age when it happened. I was beginning to think that marriage was just not going to happen for me! Even at forty I was still somewhat shy around women. I grew up without any female presence in the family and just never gained the confidence I needed to get comfortable with the ladies.

My relationship with my future wife started out by her initiative. She asked me out! That event came as quite a jolt 🙂 But we hit it off immediately. For some reason I just felt more comfortable around her, even at the start of our dating, than I had any other person who I had dated in the past. After our first date dinner we talked until the wee hours of the night. Yvonne told me later that she knew I was the guy she was going to marry immediately after that night. Stealing the phrase from a past president, I think I was in total shock and awe of her at the time so it would be later before I came to the same conclusion. One thing that struck me about her was that she was a real lady; I think I had been dating girls up until that time.

From that first night our relationship was on a fast track. A month or so after our first date she left and went to Wisconsin to have Christmas with the relatives. I thought about her constantly during the time she was gone. I think I averaged two hours sleep a night! I just couldn’t get her out of my mind enough to doze off. Not too long after she returned we became engaged. And the rest is history.

It is now approaching twenty five years since our wedding day. We have had our ups and downs but have remained totally committed to each other over the years. Since we were both over forty years old when we married children were out of the picture. My wife, when she was young, dreamed of having a large family so being childless saddens me to a certain degree. But as long as we have each other we will do just fine.

And the journey goes on….