Choose to be Happy..

I have been having some pretty grumpy days lately so I find it necessary to revisit the issue of happiness.

We all want to be happy especially in our retirement years. The pursuit of happiness is even in our country’s founding documents. Happiness is more than a feeling; it is actually much more a choice. We all have known people who seem to be grumpy and unhappy no matter what their circumstances are. They seem to just refuse to be happy. To many of them the government is the enemy who steals their happiness. For others they refuse to be happy until they have all the possible worldly possessions they desire. For some of us, especially me lately, health problems seem to be robbing us of our happiness.

But what most people don’t seem to realize is that happiness is actually a choice not a condition. Many people who have little or no worldly possessions are some of the happiest we encounter. How can that be? Each of us we can be as enthusiastic as we choose to be. It is primarily how we choose to view our experiences that makes the difference. We can choose to be happy or choose despair and misery. Unfortunately many who retire choose the later.

As we retire and make changes in our everyday lives learning to be happy is probably one of the most important things we need to do. Don’t spend your retirement years wishing for something else. I know to those who are currently unhappy choosing happiness seems pretty far fetched. But it really is just a matter of how you choose to view things. Choose happiness; you won’t regret it. Yes, it does require you to throw away some of the attitudes that make you grumpy but if you keep working at that you can accomplish happiness.

And the journey goes on…