Let’s talk about the weather….

We often have casual conversations about the weather over our back fences or to people we are not intimately familiar with. When we can’t think of anything else to say we talk about the weather! Well, I seem to be in one of those funks where words and not coming easily right now so let’s talk about the weather.

Is it just me or has this some been an unusually hot one! I know as I am getting older I can’t seem to take the heat as I once did. When I was in high school I worked summers putting up hay in local farmers barns. No we didn’t wrestle those big round bails you see today. Back then they made square bales weighing somewhere around 50-90 lbs. I was a skinny runt but I still managed to toss the hay around with the big guys. The inside of the barns would often get up to 110 degrees or more. Yes, I sweat a lot but it didn’t bother me that much. Now whenever the temperature gets above 90 degrees I stay in the house. During those days I mow the lawn in the evenings after the sun as gone down the high hill west of us.

This year I have been spending many days inside. I think the local weather man said we have had forty days of 90 degree weather so far. Yvonne and I went up to Mackinac Island in upper Michigan a few weeks ago and even though it never got above the mid sixties it was an enjoyable relief. When we started heading home it got progressively warmer until it was in the mid 80s.

Here it is late September and we have a forecast of 96 for today! Where are those cool fall days all of us in the Midwest usually enjoy this time of year? It is just too darn hot for mid September!

And the journey goes on….