Works and Heaven….

With the previous post about works being on my mind I am thinking of my Christian friend who, at least in my mind, is a “No Assembly Required” Christian. Whenever I mention works he immediately says that I must be doing works in order to gain heaven. No matter how many times I have to told him that is not the case he continues to bring it up.

So, once again for my friend no, I don’t do good works in order to earn my way into heaven or certainly not to obey some ancient Old Testament laws. As anyone who has been following my blog for any amount of time knows I don’t put much effort into studying the Old Testament especially the traditions and laws. Jesus made it clear that we cannot gain heaven by fulfilling those ancient laws. I take him at his word to that. I know the Jewish faith continues to believe they can but I rejected that many years ago. Too bad I just can’t convince my “No Assembly” friend of that fact. Most Christians, but I’m sure not all, believe that the sole purpose of the Old Testament was to point to Jesus. Jesus himself said that not one iota of the law and Old Testament prophets would be abolished until it was all fulfilled. I am one to believe that Jesus by his life, death and resurrection did indeed fulfill it so it therefore becomes not very important to me now. I am totally into the new covenant brought by Jesus not the old one that it replaced.

Then why do I seem to constantly emphasize good works? I do it because Jesus told me to obey him and do good works in his name. I do it because he is my Lord and Savior. I choose to not worry about Old Testament laws and traditions. I choose to not base my entire spiritual self on the Bible being inerrant. Instead choose to just follow Christ. Everything else is just small stuff.

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