Me, Me, Me…..

I have been trying to study up on this new political group who call themselves the Tea Party.  They seem to be against almost everything. But one thing they are obviously not against is “Me”.  They talk about themselves an awfully lot. Almost every sentence that comes out of their mouths seems to start with “I want” or “I demand” or “my money”. They seem to be a very self-centered group. Maybe they are trying to put a new definition in the dictionary for the word narcissism.

I am just a simple guy but I try to think of humanity more than I do “me”. I call myself a Christian and to me that means “taking care of the least of these” and to be “my brother’s keeper”. Jesus made that very clear that is what he instructed us to do. So, I believe that we should all put aside some of our good fortunes for those who don’t have it as well as we do. Sadly we Christians end up spending almost all of our church donations on ourselves. For most congregations very little is left for others. It would be great if we could handle all the need in our country among ourselves but from past experiences it is abundantly clear that is not the case.  Instead we must rely on our government doing this part of the people’s business in this regard.

It totally shames me to see so many in the new Republican party that seem to be actively in the process of pulling out what little piece of the rug is left under the less fortunate.  Anyone who is so centered on themselves should remember the old saying “There but for the grace of God go I”.  I have a friend who is a radical right who is constantly screaming about all “those” people on Medicaid that is until his sister needed help during a health crisis. But even then he insisted his sister was the only one who really needed it.  All the others are freeloaders!.. If they don’t have compassion for others maybe they should remember that they just might need a hand up themselves one of these days.

But what do I know.