Someday You Will Have Been All Of These…..

For this lazy Sunday afternoon I wanted to bring back a post from over three years ago here at RJsCorner. ¬†It seems to be even more dreadfully needed today than it was then…. How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these. ¬†‚ÄĒ ¬†George Washington Carver I call the quote here an inspiring definition of successful. Putting yourself in others shoes so to speak is how we most … Continue reading Someday You Will Have Been All Of¬†These‚Ķ..

Compassion And The GOP….

I admit I have only been keeping half an eye open of all this garbage going on with the shut-down and default threats ¬†made by the Republicans in congress. One thing I have been watching is to see if there is any compassion being shown by any of those folks there from the GOP and quite frankly I have found almost nothing there that resembles compassion in any of their actions and words. ¬†I wonder if this is typical of their base and those who consistently vote to return them to office? As a matter of fact I find mostly … Continue reading Compassion And The GOP….

With Teeth & Compassion….

“Can we make legislation with enough teeth in them for conservatives and compassion for liberals?” I heard the above phrase, or at least something close to it, from a news commentator recently. I wish I could cite the source but I really don’t remember who it was. ¬†But the phrase struck me as maybe a primary difference between these two groups. Conservatives seem to be much more concerned about “law and order” than about being altruistic. They want to make sure that no one gets anything that they haven’t worked for or at least earned in one way or another. … Continue reading With Teeth & Compassion….

Being Broad Minded….

Nothing makes a man broad-minded like adversity ¬†– ¬†Will Rogers I can certainly understand this quote from Will. The adversity in my life, although coming more frequently than I would like, has certainly made me more broad-minded. Coming from humble beginning has made me sensitive to the daily plight of the homeless and financially challenged around me. Going deaf in mid-life has made me more aware of the challenges others face with handicaps every day. Being asked to leave a church because I didn’t have the “right” beliefs has made me aware of all those who are gun-shy about anything … Continue reading Being Broad Minded….

Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

Is the Republican Party insuring its own demise by it continuing to focus on a narrower and narrower core group. ¬†I want to believe this is the case as the alternative is that we as a country are now dominated by exclusion. ¬†Being against things, particularly different groups of people, is what has been driving the Republican primaries lately. It has pushed their final candidate over to the extreme right of the political spectrum. Can the Republicans maintain a party that far off the center of American Politics? It seems like everyday the Republican party members alienate yet another group … Continue reading Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

All I Know — And Then There is…

Let me bring up the same Lincoln quote that I used yesterday but this time for another purpose: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln I can say that more often than not this quote is applicable to people especially politicians. ¬†But one case where it is not true is with President Obama. When he was campaigning in 2008 his speeches gave me such a reason for hope that I regularly supported him in seeking the presidency. When he opened his mouth he inspired me. I dreamed that … Continue reading All I Know — And Then There is…

Being Compassionate is "Brain Surgery"…

This is going to be one of my “deep” posts so hang in there. You won’t find much humor in it but hopefully you will find something to think about. What does it take for a person to become compassionate? It seems that due to the hard economic times we have been in for the last ten years or more that we are becoming a nation of primarily looking out for ourselves. I am just a simple guy but I can understand some of this. Many times a person who had a stable middle class job is now struggling with … Continue reading Being Compassionate is "Brain Surgery"…

America's Number One Export? – Part 4

This is the final post on looking for the U.S. number one export. ¬†Maybe I am just an idealistic dreamer but I am hoping that this one is our actual number one export. Is there a commodity that the U.S. exports much more of than any other country? Could our number one export be Compassion? We are by far the most affluent nation on earth. Maybe a big part of that is our borrowing power but that is another post. I don’t know exactly where we stand as far as our supporting emergency relief efforts around the world but I … Continue reading America's Number One Export? – Part 4

Me, Me, Me…..

I have been trying to study up on this new political group who call themselves the Tea Party. ¬†They seem to be against almost everything. But one thing they are obviously not against is “Me”. ¬†They talk about themselves an awfully lot. Almost every sentence that comes out of their mouths seems to start with “I want” or “I demand” or “my money”. They seem to be a very self-centered group. Maybe they are trying to put a new definition in the dictionary for the word narcissism. Continue reading “Me, Me, Me…..”

Personal Adversity Makes Us Stronger or…

OK, first let me start out by completing the title message. Personal adversity makes us stronger or breaks us. As I mentioned a few posts ago I went deaf about twenty years ago and have consequently faced my share of adversity since then. In the coming months, I will share specific stories about this but I want to keep it on a higher level for this post. When Helen Keller, who was both deaf and blind at a very early age, was asked what she would choose if she could get one of her senses restored. She without hesitation said … Continue reading Personal Adversity Makes Us Stronger or‚Ķ