One Last Thought about WV

I couldn’t leave our trip to West Virginia without mentioned on very interesting thing. The State of West Virgina was formed as a result of the Civil War.

Considering that Richmond Virginia was the heart of the Confederacy it is surprising that the good folk in the northwestern of that state chose to remain loyal to the Union. ¬†Part of that probably had to do with not many people up there could afford a slave, even if they wanted one, which most evidently didn’t. They were rewarded for their¬†loyalty¬†by becoming a separate State from those who chose otherwise.

We didn’t spend enough time in West¬†Virginia¬†to really get to know any of the locals but from what I have read and observed they are a unique and friendly bunch. ¬†Some day I hope to go back to WV and get to know them a little better.

One thought on “One Last Thought about WV

  1. I lived in Morgantown, WV for 3 years, met and married my wife there, and spent a fair amount of time exploring “Almost Heaven.”

    It is a beautiful place if you avoid the coal mining towns and strip mines. The mountains, the greenery, and the rural nature of 95% of the state make for a relaxing pace of life. The roads are very narrow and twisty so it isn’t the best place for a larger RV. But, overall, too few people have explored it.


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