Some "Great" Ideas From My Governor….

While the governor of Indiana, where I currently reside, is not a Tea Partier he does seem to think along the same line. First of all we were told when he first came into office that the reason that more businesses did not move to Indiana was because they thought we were backwards.  The reason for us being backwards, at least according to him,was that we did not change our clocks two times a year as most other States do.  We quit doing that about twenty-five years ago. It just didn’t make much sense for us ordinary Hoosiers to be going to bed at 10PM and it was still light outside. Anyway our illustrious governor convinced enough of us (but I was certainly not one of them) that if we changed our clocks businesses would come rushing into the State.  After about five years of jumping back and forth with the clocks now I have yet to hear that giant strong sucking sound of business coming into give us jobs. We are in the same situation as before his great idea.

We should have learned our lessons from that event but that didn’t seem to be the case.  The next great idea was that to balance our State budget all we had to do was sell off some of our State’s assets. We have a toll road along the northern edge of our state that generates millions of dollars a year in income. The governor went on the hunt for someone to sell it to. He found and Austrian company (I think) that would take a ninety nine year lease on the road. There was enough money involved in the sale so he could balance his budgets for the rest of his term.  The problem was that by selling the toll road he was giving up billions of dollars in future earning that could be used by future governors. But, like the tea party folks he was just concerned for his own circumstance and not the future beyond his that time.

There is talk of getting our governor, who President Bush (baby bush that is) nicknamed “my man Mitch” to run for president in 2012! If by some quirk of circumstances he should win the presidency we could all look forward to him selling off the country’s assets to make him look good.  How about instead of the Washington Monument we call it the GE Monument. I’m sure they could turn the mall into a big parking garage and make some big bucks. The Lincoln Memorial, no problem. Sell that property to Apple and they could replace the statue there with one of Steve Jobs. After all the Apple lovers seem to think he is some kind of god who certainly deserves his own monument. 🙂

The Chinese are buying our country through the back door anyway via our trade deficiet so why not just sell off some assets off before they take title to the country. Maybe “Our Man Mitch” has the right idea after all. I’m sure there are all kinds of rogue countries who would like to buy some of our spare nuclear bombs. That is if the price were right. Let’s have a giant fire sale!!

But what do I know.

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